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12/09/2019 - 13:08
Akim of Kyzylorda region Kuanyshbek Iskakov opened  personal page on Facebook.
“Elbasy Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev and President Kasym-Jomart Kemelovich Tokayev instructed us to establish an open dialogue between the state and society.
In this regard, I, my deputies, the chief of staff, advisers, akims of the city and regions, heads of departments, having opened pages on social networks, we establish contact with the population.
Before that, I signed up on Twitter, where I get acquainted with the news, opinions and suggestions. Given the great popularity in the community of this network, today I opened my page, ”wrote Kuanyshbek Iskakov on Facebook.
According to the head of the region, his personal account will become a platform for discussing common problems, exchanging opinions and suggestions.


12/09/2019 - 10:17
Today akim of the region Kuanyshbek Iskakov received an honorary journalist of Kazakhstan, an excellent student of the Kazakh radio, promoting the legacy of Korkyt Ata, Akhat Zhanaev and congratulated him on his 85th birthday.
- Despite the revolutionary policies of the Soviet period, Akhat Abzhapparuly set out to rewrite the heritage of Korkyt Ata. For this, both present and future generations will be grateful to him. Over the years, Akhat Abzhapparuly, working as his own correspondent for Kazakh Radio, set himself the task of bringing the masterpieces of the region to the next generation. The creativity of such great storytellers of our land as Korkyt Ata, Muzarap, Yeshniyaz sal, Alshekei, Doszhan, Zhalmyrza began to be forgotten, but thanks to the hard work of Akhat Abzhapparuly, their heritage has survived and is widely spread in the country, the head of the region said.
“The heritage of Korkyt Ata: epic, folk traditions and music” is included in the UNESCO list. Akhat Zhanaev made a significant contribution to this great achievement.
Akim of the region presented the hero of the day with the highest award Certificate of honor of Kyzylorda region for his special contribution to the cultural and spiritual development of the region.
The ceremony was attended by representatives of the intelligentsia and contemporaries. Karshyga Yesimseyitova, chairman of the regional branch of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan, congratulated the hero.
An excellent student of Kazakh radio, an excellent student of the culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an honorary citizen of Zhalagash and Syrdarya districts, Akhat Abzhapparuly was born in Zhalagash district in 1934. He graduated from the Kyzylorda Pedagogical Institute and the Almaty Higher Party School. For thirty years he worked as a correspondent of the Kazakh radio in the Kyzylorda region. In 1987, he was elected to the city council. He became famous by working on the revival of the kyu of Korkyt Ata. At the Mukhtar Auezov Institute of Literature and Art, 12 kuys of Korkyt Ata are stored, which he copied in 1975 from kobyz player  Nyshan.
A. Zhanaev wrote the books “Arysy edin Alashnyn”, “Otelgen paryz”, “Berkinbai aulie: anyz ben akikat”, “Zheti atasyn bilgen er, zheti zhurttyn kamyn zher”.


09/09/2019 - 18:12
By order of akim of Kyzylorda region, Mubarakov Kambarbek Amangeldievich has been appointed Head of Agricultural Management of Kyzylorda region.
Kambarbek Amangeldievich was born in 1973. He graduated from the Kyzylorda Polytechnic Institute and the Kazakh Humanitarian Law University, has the qualifications of “economist-manager” and “lawyer”.
He began his career as a simple worker in the Crimean village of Uzgent, Zhanakorgan district.
In 1997-2001, he held senior positions in the Tax Committee in Kyzylorda city.
2001-2009 - Deputy Chairman of the Tax Committee in  Shieli district, Chairman of the Tax Committee in Zhanakorgan district, Deputy Chairman of the Tax Committee in Kyzylorda region.
In 2009-2011, he worked as deputy akim of Shieli district.
His previous position was  the Chairman of the Audit Commission in Kyzylorda region.


09/09/2019 - 17:57
Today, party hearings on Industrial Development were held under the chairmanship of the region akim, chairman of the regional branch of Nur Otan party K. Iskakov. It considered the implementation of state programs "Education", "Health", "Industry" in the region.
The head of the Regional Management of Education M. Meldebekova made a presentation on the implementation of the "Education" program.
“We can proudly say that 97 percent of our graduates went to universities and colleges. You all know that K.Eleuovich made the necessary decisions in the field of education to achieve this success and greatly supported the development of the industry! In general, my position in the field education is obvious: the formation of the unborn child through quality education. Our work is aimed at the benefit of children`s future, "said the head of the region.
The head of the Regional Health Management Zh. Abdusametov spoke about implementing the Health program.
One of the tasks arising from the Address of the Head of State “Constructive public dialogue - the basis of stability and prosperity of Kazakhstan” is to increase labor productivity through diversification of the economy, development of innovation and attracting foreign direct investment.
In this regard, the region akim reminded: “This year we are completing the second five-year plan of the industrialization program and proceeding to the third five-year plan. President K. Tokaev instructed to take into account earlier mistakes and shortcomings in the implementation of the third five-year industrialization. "
It should be noted that within the framework of the first and second five-year plans of the industrialization program, 24 projects have been implemented in the region, 1,442 jobs have been opened. Over the seven months of this year,18 projects out of 24 have mastered the planned capacity of 90-100 percent.
There are six priority areas of industrialization approved by the state program: metallurgy, chemistry, petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, production of building materials and the food industry.
In accordance with the plan of the party hearings in the future, akims of Kyzylorda city and districts will speak in the direction of "Industrial Development". Today, speeches by akims of Aral and Kazaly districts were heard.
A number of facilities were commissioned in Aral and Kazaly districts, in particular, a dairy farm, salt and fish processing plants. Today, these enterprises work for the benefit of the population of the region, increasing the image of the region.
However, there are a number of unresolved issues.
“It is necessary to further improve the work in Aral and Kazaly districts within the framework of the industrialization program. There are a number of shortcomings in the work of the industrialization program and industrial zones. Therefore, it is necessary to intensify the work and by the end of the year to reach the approved plans for filling the industrial zones. Corresponding instructions were given for Aral and Kazaly districts. It is necessary to fulfill them, "the akim of the region said.
As noted, the development of the non-resource sector was taken into account. In addition, from this year in the republic the program “Economics of Simple Substances” is being implemented, aimed at developing the domestic branches of the manufacturing industry.
At the party hearings, the head of the Regional Management of Industrial and Innovative Development Rinat Sultangereyev and the acting head of the Regional Department of Revenue Adilbek Bekishov spoke.
Summing up, the head of the region noted that it is necessary to raise all relevant issues at the party hearing and make specific decisions on them.


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