Implementation of state youth policy in Kyzylorda region for II quarter of 2019

The state of youth in the region is stable. According to the Committee on Statistics of the Ministry of National Economy of the RK, 22.2% of the population of the region are young people (aged 14 to 29, including the youth of Baikonyr, 176 746 citizens in 2016, in 2017 – 201 347 youth, in 2018 - 190 101 youth). Of these, the youth of the city are 73 590 (41.6%), rural youth - 103 156 (58.4%) people.
The number of economically active youth has increased in the region over five years. Information: in 2018-102.2 thousand people, in 2017 - 96.2 thousand people, in 2016 -97.5 thousand people, in 2015- 92.2 thousand people; in 2014 - 98.7 thousand people.
The youth unemployment rate is 4.2%. Over the past five years, this indicator has been steadily decreasing. The number of youth in the category of NEET over the five years has been reduced by 6.4% to 8.3%.
Along with the implementation of state programs to reduce the indicator, we can say that the Regional Akimat for 2018 approved and implemented a special “Plan of activities for working with youth of the NEET category in Kyzylorda region” (paragraph 34), “Roadmap for the development of state youth policy in Kyzylorda region until 2021 ”(p. 23). Both documents provide for a reduction in the share of NEET youth in the total number of youth.
In order to determine the effectiveness of the implementation of youth policy based on the results of sociological studies for 2018, the “level of satisfaction with the implementation of state youth policy” was 94%.
In 2019, KZT 589.1 million was allocated from the local budget to finance the state youth policy. Including for the state social order-KZT 230.5 million, 47 social projects are envisaged and mastered, of which 29 at the city and district levels.
Through a grant from the Russian Federation, 510 Kyzylorda students are studying at leading engineering educational institutions of Russia. The first stream of graduates, 74 students received their diplomas in 2018. Of these, 45 entered the magistracy with the aim of continuing their studies in educational institutions of the Russian Federation, 19 of them received diplomas and 19 of them were accepted for permanent work in local enterprises and institutions.
In 2019, 117 Kyzylorda graduates in 22 specialties will be graduated from universities in the Russian Federation in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Currently, 50 graduates plan to continue their studies in the magistracy, 67 graduates are planned to be employed at local enterprises and institutions. (the city - 97 graduates 82.9%, districts - 20 graduates 17.1%) Aral district - 6, Kazaly district - 4, Syrdarya district - 3, Zhalagash district - 4, Shieli district - 2, Baikonyr - 1.
Concrete instructions were given to the regional administrations and akimats of cities and regions on the employment of graduates. Currently, as a result of the work, the possibility of employing more than 40 graduates is provided.
By the Decree of the Government of the RK dated January 30 2019 No. 27 (subject to amendments introduced by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 04.04.2019 No. 153) “The roadmap for the Year of Youth” was approved by the region akim “Comprehensive plan of events for the conduct of” “Year of Youth in Kyzylorda region ”(04.04.2019) No. 03 / 1-6 / 1866), which consists of 4 main blocks (supporting events, new initiatives, grant support for non-governmental organizations, events of state bodies) and 131 points.
In the region, organizations interested in implementing state youth policy proposed 28 new projects, of which 14 (KZT 106.5 million) were aimed at implementing state youth policy.
On June 15 this year, in Birlik village in Akuyuk rural district of Zhanakorgan district, a regional rally of rural youth was held.
The rally was attended by activists of public organizations of all regions and the city of Kyzylorda, young teachers employed within the framework of the “With a diploma to the village!” Program, young entrepreneurs, working youth, youth of the Atameken Children's Village and representatives of youth centers. During the rally, delegates from the village of Birlik witnessed the good initiatives made by the youth of Birlik village. In particular, a tour of the village stadium, mosque, Youth Park was conducted and continued in plenary in free format.
On July 10, 2019, within the framework of the social organization “Organization of outreach work among youth on the implementation of the “Rukhani Zhagyru ”program, a meeting was held with young people known in the republic and the region. The meeting was attended by First Deputy Chairman of the Nur Otan party B. Baibek and the region akim K. Iskakov held a meeting with youth in a free format.
In addition, as part of this project, on June 14 2019, at the Regional Youth Center the head of the regional development and coordination center of the Zhastar research center L. Uzarova met with young people.
On June 15 2019, the regional youth festival “Uly Dala Eli” was held in Zhanakorgan district. Within the framework of the festival, competitions in national sports and an exhibition of applied art were organized.
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