In compliance laws of the Government of RK from 2003 "Forest code" and 2004 "About protection of reproduction and fauna use", "About protection of specially protected natural territories" in management the following works are carried out.

  On oblast the area of the state forest fund makes 6,5 million hectares, from them with the wood 3,0 million hectares are covered, an established post of workers of forestry 431, are engaged in protection and protection of wood reproduction.

  The area of the first class of fire danger makes-121,3 one thousand hectares to them belongs the inundated woods along the Syrdarya River.

  The resolution of the government of RK No. 924 from 10. 09 . 2010 about the approval of the industry program "Zhasyl Damu for 2010-2014" on area the following works are carried out.

  The deputy akim of the oblast approved the action plan about fire-prevention work in the woods of the state forest fund and in the woods of agricultural structures. It actions is coordinated with oblast territorial inspections of forest and hunting economy, department of internal affairs, oblast department of extraordinary situations.

In compliance of the resolution of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 781 from September 8, 2007 "About the statement of the list organized fire services and organizations" work 52 established posts and 8 fire trucks.

On oblast there are fire-prevention tractor trailers-14, fire fighting and chemical station-1, radio station-8, backpack sprayer-33 and axes-77, shovels-328, crackers-512. In fire-dangerous sites 15 fire towers are established.

On the basis of the Resolution of Government of RK No. 46 from April 23, 2004 saxaul cuttings for period of 10 years is suspended.

For the purpose of providing local population with firewood got permission by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Committee of forest and hunting economy on cutting down tamarisk-35 thousand cubic meters. For pastures and truck farming cultivation, 27 thousand hectares of the land are given out on temporary use with for period of 1 year.

Actions for fight against poachers is carried out.

Since the beginning of year from illegal cabins of the wood 22 violators are revealed and paid fine for the sum of 69,12 thousand tenge, damages for the sum of 207 thousand tenge is paid.

The protocol for violation fauna use on 18 citizens are filled, from them 14 preventions, damages for the sum of 86,4 thousand tenge is paid.

In the territory of oblast there are 2 wildlife areas of Republican value. "Torangylsay" - 17,6 thousand hectares. In the territory of the Syrdarya region and "Kargaly" - 13,3 thousand hectares in the territory of the Shiely region. The wildlife area is organized for the purpose of protection of seldom endangered species of fauna. Wild boars, badgers, hares live in the wildlife area, from the flying – pheasants, ducks, geese, etc.

  This year fruit and decorative trees on the area of 7037 hectares are planted and seeded. On a row with it for cultivation of landing materials the forest nursery on the area of 7,7 hectares is organized.

  According to loan, grant and transfund between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the International Development bank realizes the "Preservation of the Woods and Increase in Woodiness of the Territory of the Republic" project. The project is financed 65% Kazakhstan, the World Development bank-30 of %, Ecological fund-5 of %.

  One of the strategic direction "ecological melioration in Kyzylorda oblast" project. Through this component landing of saxaul to the area of 79000 hectares at the drained bottom. 44000 hectares landing of saplings, 35000 hectares crops of seeds of saxaul.

  On the basis of the project landing on the drained bottom of the Aral Sea saxaul seedlings 2008 in the spring on 500 hectares, 2009 in the spring – 5000 hectares, 2010 – 8500 hectares, 2011 – 11522 hectares, 2012 – 9500 hectares was carried out, 2013 will be put on the area – 4000 hectares.

  The resolution of the government of RK No. 53 from January 19, 2004 "About the statement of norm and standards for protection, reproduction of the woods on sites of the state forest fund". For the purpose of improvement of financially technical base of public institution of oblast of protection of the wood and fauna 37,3 million tenge are allocated for acquired technicians and equipment.

  These works were carried out in compliance of the strategic plan management of natural resources and regulation of environmental management of Kyzylorda oblast for 2011-2015.

  In 2011 increased wood volume: 2011 – 4652 hectares, 2012 – 7034 hectares, and 2013 for squares – 7136 hectares are planned.

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