Following the results of the 1st half year 2014 development made 99 percent, i.e. from 3976,9 million tenge 3922,7 million tenge are mastered.
Besides the allocated transfers in area financing of means from the republican budget for the line of Committee of the RK water resources for total amount of 3,3 billion tenge, from them on implementation of the projects "Connection of 8 Auls to the Zhidely Group Water Supply System" - 1,1 billion tenge and on construction of the Talap group water supply system of the Zhanakorgan area - 1,2 billion tenge also is conducted.
 On area in the current year 10 objects will be put into operation. 50 km of water supply systems with installations of metering devices of water in number of 1790 pieces will be as a result reconstructed.
Following the results of the 1 quarter the corresponding works are carried out and 29 km of water supply systems are updated.

In 2012 20 investment projects financed within the "Akbulak" program is realized, from the oblast budget 14 projects are co-financed, design and budget documentation of 2 more projects is developed.

  Works on expansion and reconstruction of 28,2 km of water and 4,5 km of sewer networks of Kyzylorda city are carried out.

  Works on reconstruction and expansion of system of water supply, construction of the line of eyeliners of a water supply system to houses of 9 settlements with a general extent of 227,3 km of water supply systems, including local 169,0 km (Akmaya, Bekezhanov, Bestam, halt No. 21, Zhanseit, Ortakshyl, Kodamanova of Shiely region), service - 58,3 km are complete. (Enbekshy, Akmaya, Bekezhanov, Bestam, halt No. 21, Zhanseit, Ortakshyl, Kodamanova of Shiely region, Tokmagambetov of Syrdarya region, Akzhar, Aktobe of Karmakshy region, settlement Zhalagash).

  In 2012 the list of the settlements receiving subsidies for a water consumption from local sources of water supply was expanded to 125.

  Works on revaluation of stocks of underground waters of the Kyzylzharma field of Kyzylorda are complete. Considering that the guaranteed underground water-supply of this field makes 83 thousand m.cub. per day, its development will allow to provide the city with clear drinking water completely. Development of this field is planned to begin in 2013.

  In addition, the demand is sent to Committee of geology and subsurface use of MINT RK about definition of stocks of underground waters in 65 settlements of oblast.

In 2013 for providing the population of oblast with qualitative drinking water:

The financing question from the republican budget will be worked:

- 13 projects, including: reconstruction and expansions of systems of water supply of settlements Shizhaga, Kamystybas, Amanotkel, Aralkum, Bogen of the Aral region, settlement Aksuat of the Kazaly region, settlement Tugisken of the Zhanakorgan region, settlements Abay, Akzharm, Aynakol, Makhambet of the Kyzylorda city;

- constructions of the additional tank in settlement Ayteke bi of Kazaly region with connection to the Aral-Sarybulak group water supply system;

- constructions of a group water supply system of "Talap-Syrdarya" in the Zhanakorgan region;

- on connection of 8 settlements (Dosbol bi, Almaly, Tazhibayev, Bala bi, Zholek, Baygekum, Bidaykol, Algabas) of Shiely region to the Zhidely group water supply system;

- constructions of new wells taking into account reserve, for increase of volume of water of the Octyabrskiy group water supply system and providing with drinking water of the population of the Karmakshy region.

Works on drilling and development of underground waters of Kyzylzharma field will be begun.

Works on stage-by-stage providing with qualitative drinking water of the settlements using drinking water from open sources, and also works on leading of service lines to borders of houses will be continued.

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