On water resources
(for the II quarter of 2019)
In order to provide irrigation water to settlements in the region, 372 ownerless water facilities (canals) were identified and registered, of which 216 technical passports were developed and transferred from the district (city) to the regional communal property. Step-by-step work is underway on cleaning and repairing water facilities of communal property.
To improve the ecological state of the settlements of the region and provide them with irrigation water in 2019, KZT 551.7 million were allocated from the regional budget for cleaning and repairing 8 canals, including the development of design and estimate documentation for the Akkiyiz canal in Aitek bi settlement in Kazaly district and the purchase of 1 electric pump. To date, 1 electric pump has been purchased and installed in Aksuat rural district of Kyzylorda city, and work is underway on the remaining water bodies.
In order to maintain water facilities and facilities in accordance with established sanitary-hygienic and environmental requirements, to prevent pollution, litter and depletion of surface waters, 10.1 million tenge were allocated in 2019 for a project to establish water protection zones and strips on 26 lakes of the region. To date, the establishment of water protection signs has been completed on 14 lakes.
In addition, work is underway to maintain the Kyzylzharma, Zhibek Zholy canals in the city of Kyzylorda, as well as the Kyrash and Koltogan reservoirs in Zhanakorgan district.
On irrigated lands:
There are 3 projects for the restoration of 159 thousand ha of irrigated land in the region and the inclusion of 29 thousand ha of unused land in the amount of KZT 164.2 billion.
(For reference:
- according to the PUID-2 project, 15 thousand hectares (KZT 16.5 billion);
- under the project PUID-3 144 thousand ha (KZT 138.3 billion);
-project to include 29 thousand hectares of irrigated land (KZT 13.4 billion) into circulation.
The project PUID-2 includes 15 thousand hectares of irrigated land located in Akkum, Bukarbai batyr, Tan and Madeniet rural districtsof Zhalagash district. The total cost of the project is KZT 12.5 billion. On November 31 2018, in accordance with international rules, the Ministry of Agriculture of the RK announced a tender for procurement, as a result of which in April of the current year a consortium of Meliorator LLP, Kazakhdorstroy LLP, and Aksu LLP were recognized as winners (KZT 9,377 million) .
In 2018, KZT 410 million was allocated and spent on the development of land acts of water management facilities included in the PUID-3 project.
When updating the budget in 2019, KZT 361.2 million was allocated to complete the certification (Kazaly, Karmakshy, Zhalagash, SyrdaryA, Shieli, Zhanakorgan districts and Kyzylorda city), work is underway on certification.
 According to the project of putting into circulation 29 thousand hectares of unused irrigated land, in 2017-2018 KZT 425 million were allocated and spent on the certification of water management facilities included in the project from the regional budget, and the objects were transferred to republican ownership.
The project will be implemented in 2020 using a loan from the Asian Development Bank. By order of the Committee on Water Resources of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Modernization of Irrigation Systems for Irrigated Lands”, a feasibility study was developed for the project.
In the case of the implementation of these projects will be restored
80% of engineering-planned irrigated land, which will have a great impact on the development of agriculture in the region.
On the introduction of new irrigated lands:
According to the Action Plan for the Development of Irrigated Lands, approved by Government Decision No. 904 of December 28, 2018 in Kyzylorda region, 51.3 thousand hectares of new irrigated land and 29 thousand hectares of unused land (80.2 thousand hectares) were included in the turnover.
In addition, according to the order of the region akim to increase the volume of irrigated land to 300 thousand hectares, work was carried out and 44 thousand hectares of land were additionally included in the turnover.
In this regard, the sources of watering and the volume of work of the new 96 thousand ha of irrigated land were determined. To date, under the pilot project as part of a public-private partnership, Meliorator LLP has completed work on an area of 1000 hectares in the territory of the Besaryk rural district of Syrdarya district.
Challenges ahead:
1. Monitoring the development of funds allocated for the protection of water resources, timely acceptance of work performed on water facilities;
2. Acceptance of work on 26 lakes of Kyzylorda region and on the establishment of water protection zones and strips of Kyzylorda region;
3. To complete work on the transfer of project documentation of 22 lakes, the Karaozek canal and the Aral Sea and established water protection signs to the balance of akimats of the city and regions;
4. By the end of this year, complete the certification of water facilities included in the PUID-3 project and transfer to the republican property;
5. Exercise of control over the work of the state utility company on the basis of the right of economic management “Tabigat”;
6. Organization of work on the implementation of the projects “Preservation of the Kokaral dam and restoration of the Syrdarya river delta”, “Reconstruction of the Kyzylorda hydroelectric complex”, “Construction of the Kumisketken and Karaozek reservoirs”, included in the Comprehensive Plan of Socio-Economic Development of Kyzylorda region for 2019-2022.
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