Tasks for 2013

- Sites of 16 objects along the international transport transit corridor "The Western Europe-Western China" are defined, according to specifications 16 complexes, hotels, restaurants, shops, SC, PFS, tourist reference and medical aid stations will be constructed;

- In the Karmakshy region "The center of pilgrimage of Korkyt Ata" will be constructed;

- "The Recreation zone Kamystybas" project in the Aral region;

- "The Space Planetarium" mega-complex project in the Baikonur city;

- The project of "River tourism" along the Syrdarya River.


Tourism sphere

Today the tourism infrastructure in oblast makes in total quantity of 57 subjects, in comparison with last year increased by 5,6%. From them subjects realizing tourist services - 11 (8 travel companies and 3 individual entrepreneurs), engaged in placement 46 (15th enterprises and 31 individual entrepreneurs).

In 2012 7588,0 thousand tenge are allocated for development of the tourist branch from the oblast budget.

According to the plan these means are used for preparation of information and advertizing production on tourist potentials, on involvement in 3 International exhibitions, for carrying out a republican seminar, a seminar meeting on development of tourism and to legalize 494 hectares of the land for implementation the tourist "Recreation area Kamystybas".  

Representatives of management on March 7-11, 2012 as a part of delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part at the ITB international exhibition in the Berlin (Germany) in which 187 countries participated. On exposition of the exhibition the investment projects "Recreation Area Kamystybas" and a mega-complex "Space Harbour" in the Baikonur city are provided.

Investors attracted interest by the this projects made sentences about joint cooperation. Foreigners had a great demand concerning tourism in Baikonur.

According to the strategic plan of management, in April 3 travel companies of oblast took part at an exhibition which was held around Zerenda, Akmola oblast where signed contracts with summer camps, tourist centers, rest houses, sanatoria and boarding houses.

Representatives of management on April 25-27, 2012 together with representatives of tourist business took part at the Kazakhstan international "KITF-2012" exhibition "TOURISM AND TRAVEL".

On May 14-15, 2012 in Kyzylorda city passed a seminar - training with representatives of hotel business on a subject "Perspectives of development of tourist branch in Kyzylorda oblast". Representatives of Committee of the Industry of tourism of RK, Kazakhstan Tourist Association, government bodies, travel companies and masters of applied art took part in operation of seminar. 

Besides, within a seminar participants visited Baikonur Cosmodrome.

 For the purpose of development of child youthful tourism on May 18-20 this year in the natural boundary Katynkamal passed a regional youth tourist meeting "Tourism against drugs" under the motto "My Homeland – Kazakhstan!".

64 pupils took part in competitions from schools of regions of oblast and Kyzylorda city.

On September 14-15 in Kyzylorda passed a regional tourist festival devoted to World day of tourism, with involvement of 60 athletes of oblast.

On September 18-19 the current year representatives of management took part in operation of an interstate forum in Pavlodar of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation.

Within celebration of World Day of tourism and for the purpose of stimulation of workers of the sphere of tourism, employees of tourist branch of oblast were awarded by signs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "For development of tourist branch" and "The excellent of tourism" and the certificate of honor of oblast akim.

Also on September 26-28, 2012 in Astana there took place the 9th Kazakhstan international tourist exhibition "Astana Leisure 2012". "The Astana Leisure 2012" exhibition took place in center "Korme".

The exhibition was organized by Committee of an industry of tourism of the Ministry of the Industry and new technologies, the "Iteca" company and together with the British exhibition company "ITE Group Plc".

In exhibition operation "Acme Kyzylorda" travel company signed contracts with the Kazakhstan tourist firms.

To regional management of tourism, physical culture and sport was present the certificate for the active involvement on the IX tourist exhibition "Astana Leisure 2012".

Operation on project implementation "Recreation area Kamystybas" proceeds. According to the "Road Map of Business-2020" program funds for leading of external engineering communication are allocated. Electrical power supply of 10 kV on the amount of 242 million tenge.

Operation on creation of 16 objects along the international transport corridor "Western Europe - Western China" is carried.  Construction of the tourist complex "Centre of Pilgrimage "Korkyt Ata" comes to the end according to the "Road Map of Business-2020" program funds for an application engineering communications are allocated.  From scheduled 16 objects, in 12 investors are determined on construction of service points.

In the Zhanakorgan region in the settlement "Aktas" country economy "Zhan" opened tourist center of seasonal use. Operations are carried out on feasibility study preparation for an application of the electrical line.

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