on the development of tourism of Kyzylorda region
General tourism information
According to statistics for the end of 2018, there is an increase in the number of inbound visitors by 7.0% and domestic tourism by 7.3% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 3396 people and 60 120 people, respectively.
There are 98 hotels in the region (among them 54 hotels in Kyzylorda), in which there are 1,171 rooms, with an average cost of KZT 7180 (18 hotels of the region are registered in, the international online reservation system). At the same time, the one-time capacity is 2115 beds. For the indicated period 63 516 people were served and services rendered in the amount of KZT 975.5 million.
Image events for tourism development
In order to promote the tourist potential of the region, the delegation of the Kyzylorda region took part in the international exhibitions “KITF” (April 28-29), “Astana Leisure” (September 26-28), in the XV forum of inter-regional cooperation of Kazakhstan and Russia in the city of Petropavlovsk (8-9 November), as well as in the first interregional forum of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Shymkent city (November 14-15).
Children and youth tourism
There are 9 children's camps in the region, of which the “Kambash” Center for Rehabilitation and Further Education of Children operates year-round. According to the results of 2018, children's health camps were visited by 8 672 children.
Large tourist sites
The Republican Tourism Map is included 3 tour objects (Kamystybas Recreation Area, Zhanakorgan Sanatorium, Baikonur Tourism and Entertainment Zone), of which the creation of Baikonur Tourism and Tourism Zone was included in the Top 10 Tourism Maps of the RK.
For reference: (The map of tourism in Kazakhstan is a map that includes objects of regional and republican significance. The task of the map is to reach the level of international-class objects in 2-3 years).
It should be noted that 60 objects are included in this map of the whole republic.
The first. Development of the “Kamystybas” recreation area. For the development of tourist infrastructure on the shores of Lake Kambash, over 90 objects with a total investment of KZT 105 million have now been built. At the same time, over 350 jobs were created during the construction period, and 150 people were provided with seasonal work.
Tourists can also use boats, wind boats, catamarans and jet skis. This tourist destination is in special demand among residents of Baikonur city and is developing as part of weekend tours. In 2018, about 89 000 people visited the lake (Kambash).
For reference: The distance from Kyzylorda city to Kambash is 430 km. To date, there are 37 rental houses, and more 50 mini houses, the average rental price of a house is from KZT 5000 to KZT 20000, each house is designed for 5-10 people. Season period: June, July, August.
The second. Mud health resort Zhanakorgan. Every year, the number of tourists arriving at the sanatorium is increasing and is of particular interest to residents of the Western region of our country. In this regard, the construction of a modern sanatorium with 88 beds is currently underway.
The total cost of this project amounted to KZT 850 million, of which KZT 326 million was financed by Baikonyr SEC, and the remaining KZT 524 million was investor's own funds.
The facility will be commissioned in the second half of 2019, where 60 new jobs will be created.
For reference: There are 6 hotels on the territory of the sanatorium, prices start from KZT 8500 to 20,000 per day with 4 meals a day. Attendance for 2018 amounted to about 25,000 people. The distance from Kyzylorda city to the Zhanakorgan sanatorium is 191 km.
The third. Creation of entertainment and tourist zone "Baikonur". In order to develop the tourism potential of the Baikonur Cosmodrome, following the example of the successful development of space tourism at Cape Canaveral, a Concept was developed and a presentation (animation) video was prepared in three languages on the creation of the Baikonur tourist and entertainment zone.
According to the Concept, the entertainment and tourist zone "Baikonur" will include:
Shopping center; hotel of world standard; a restaurant; cinema and entertainment game rooms equipped with the latest telecommunications; bowling, billiards; space attractions with various technical special effects, “hi-tech” technologies, modern instruments for monitoring missile launch; pool, gym, sauna, SPA-procedures; aquapark; national souvenir shops; ethnoaul; space museum.
To date, a land plot of 1576 km has been identified along the Western Europe - Western China Highway in Karmakshy district. Currently, work is underway on the design of the land to create an entertainment and tourist zone "Baikonur".
Development of roadside services along the Western Europe - Western China international highway
Along the highway 44 points were identified for the construction of roadside service facilities in the Kyzylorda region section. As of November 28 of this year, 26 facilities were commissioned with a total investment of KZT 5 billion 801 million. 700 permanent jobs created. On a regular basis, a working group operates to regulate the activities of roadside service facilities along the Western Europe - Western China Highway.
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