Municipal state-owned enterprise «Kyzylorda Regional Kazakh Musical Drama Theater named after Nartai Bekezhanov» of the Management of culture, archives and documentation of Kyzylorda region»


Address: Kyzylorda city, Zheltoksan street, 1
Phone number: 8/7242 / 27-67-34, 27-88-69
Working day: from 9.00 to 19.00
The Kyzylorda Regional Kazakh Drama Theater was established in 1955 on the basis of the theaters of collective farms and state farms of Enbekshikazak and Karatal districts of Almaty region. The curtain of the theater first opened on November 25, 1955 with the staging of G. Musrepov’s tragedy “Akhan Seri - Aktokty”. In March 1960, the theater moved to Kyzylorda city. In 1967 he was named after Nartai Bekezhanov and the theater was renamed the Kazakh Music and Drama Theater named after N. Bekezhanov. The founders of the theater were such luminaries as B. Balgynbaev, Sh. Mardenov, Kh. Saurykov, People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR Sh. Bakirova, Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR K. Kopbaeva, K. Kopbaev, S. Rakyshev, Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR T. Ainakulov , R. Tashibaeva, A. Manasbaeva, People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR Zh. Bagysova, A. Kanetov, People's Artist of the Kazakh SSR S. Shotikov, later Merited Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan O. Abdymomynov, Sh. Abdibaev, B. Alpysbaev, A. Arysbaeva, A. Seilkhanov.
The main directors of the theater were Zh.Abiltayev (1960-1962), Men Don Uk (1962-1963), People's Artists of Kazakhstan R.S. Andriasyan (1963-64), M. Bayserkenov (1964-1970), Tulesh Tungyshbaev (1970- 1972), Tastan Utebaev (1972-1974), Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Hussein Temirov (1974-1988), People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ergali Urazymbetov (1988-2001). All of them left a noticeable mark in the theater. The artists of the theater in different years were A. Abdrakhmanov, Zh. Abirov, from 1967 to the present time the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan S. Pirmakhanov has been successfully working as the main artist of the theater. In 2001-2003, the artistic director of the theater was S. Shotykov, since 2003, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan H. Amir-Temir. Over the years, the theater’s directors were Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sagymbek Rakyshev, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Saktagan Turlymuratov, Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Shaitursyn Abdibaev, People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yergali Urazimbetov, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Pirkhanov, Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Bakhytbek Arybysyba Kazakhstan.
Currently the director of the theater is Abdukarimov Mukhit Sultanovich.
The organization functions:
The main objective of the enterprise is the implementation of production, business and creative activities, as well as the provision of cultural services. The main activities of the enterprise:
1) to conclude, in the established manner, agreements with composers, playwrights, authors of fiction;
2) to organize in theaters and other facilities established under the contract, shows of performances, music and entertainment programs, conducting tours in districts and outside the region;
3) to participate in republican, international tours, festivals, competitions;
4) by decision of the artistic council, to introduce works of literature and art by other authors into the theater’s repertoire;
5) by selection, to attract talented performers from among graduates of higher and secondary special educational institutions and amateur art participants to the theater’s creative activities;
6) in order to meet the needs of the viewer to present on the stage various types of dramatic and musical works from the repertoire;
7) in order to carry out productions on topical issues, give orders for scripts of dramatic works, prepare scripts of dramatic works together with the authors and add them to the repertoire;
8) To help improve the skills of art groups, folk theaters, individual performers, as well as organize courses, seminars, workshops;
9) to carry out programs based on social and creative orders aimed at the development of new forms, modern, traditional and folklore-ethnographic genres;
10) to issue books, collections, booklets about people of art, programs of performances and music and entertainment programs, to carry out editorial publishing work;
11) to organize cultural and theatrical and entertainment events on a contractual basis with state, public organizations, enterprises, institutions, private individuals, regardless of ownership;
12) in order to carry out economic and financial activities according to the approved price list, provide paid services.
Abdikarimov Mukhit Sultanovich was born in 1954 on December 28 in Shagan rural district, Terenozek district, Kyzylorda region. In 1978, he graduated from the Republican pop art studio at the Kazakh Concert. In 1987 he graduated from the N.V. Gogol Kyzylorda Pedagogical Institute. (now The Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University). Since June 1978, he worked as a dombra player in the Kyzylorda Regional Philharmonic. Since August 1979, he worked as artistic director in Shagan rural council. Since November 1979, he was the first secretary of the Komsomol organization of Terenozek district. Since April 1981, he served as instructor of the Komsomol organization of Kyzylorda region. Since October 1983, he worked as an engineer at the Kyzylordatransagency agency. Since January 1989, he worked as an instructor in the regional philharmonic society. Since 1991he held the position of this institution’s director.
In 2001, he was deputy director of «Nura»i LLP. From March 2005 to August 2008, he served as director of the regional philharmonic society. Since August 2008, he has been working as the director of the Kyzylorda Regional Kazakh Music and Drama Theater named after N. Bekezhanov.
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