The oblast superiority on chess has passed

The oblast management of tourism, physical training and sports had been organized from January, 17 till January, 22nd superiority of region on chess among men. 19 chess players have taken part in it from the Aral, Kazaly, Karmakshy, Syrdarya, Shiely and Zhanakorgan regions and Kyzylorda city.  Games were spent on classical chess.

 The action purpose is development of this sport in region and selection of candidates for a national team of the oblast for participation in the Republic Kazakhstan championship.

Following the results of games the first place has occupied Galymzhan Ibrayev from Kyzylorda who have 6 points in seven games. On the second place there was Timur Kasymov from Kyzylorda with five points, on the third, with the same quantity of points there was Adilet Erserik from Zhanakorgan region.

Now the oblast national team will take part in the championship of republic among men which will pass from February, 20 till February, 29th in Pavlodar city.


Superiority of the oblast among CYSS on free-style wrestling has come to the end in January, 26-28th, 2012 in Kyzylorda city. Fighters challenged struggle in 10 weight categories where has taken part 100 participants at the age of 16-17 years old (1995-1996 years of birth).

According to Deserved trainer of RK, the senior trainer of the oblast on free-style wrestling Abutalip Amanov, a main objective of carrying out of competition is increase of sports skill and selection on participation in championship of RK which will pass in February in Shymkent.

Following the results of competition in weight to 42 kg the fighter from Syrdarya region Kalizhan Sagidulla took priority, in categories of 46, 50, 54, 63, 69 kg were in the lead fighters from Zhanakorgan region Nurtore Bektas, Bagdaulet Shadimhanov, Zhasulan Saruarov, Marat Baitemir, Azamat Zharkynuly, Galymzhan Ibadulla, in categories of 85 kg Daniyar Erimbetov (Aral), in categories of 76 kg and of 100 kg Kunanbai Kaldybek, Alibek Zhanuzak from Kyzylorda have named as champions.


The championship of Republic Kazakhstan among youth on free-style wrestling has passed in the Ust Kamenogorsk city from February, 1 till February, 2nd. In them has taken part about 200 sportsmen from Astana, Almaty and country oblasts, only 16 commands. The championship was spent on 8 weight categories.

From our oblast 8 fighters who have won 4 medals – on one gold and silver and 2 - bronze have taken part in competitions. Protecting honor of our oblast the pupil of school of the higher sports skill Azamat Shagapuly of 55 kg has won first place in a weight category and has received a gold medal. Other pupil of the same school Kanat Musabekov in a category of 66 kg became the owner of a silver medal of the championship. One more pupil of school Nurzhan Omirbekov in a category of 96 kg became the bronze prize-winner.

Akylbek Abdimaulenov, Kairat Oralbekov, Saidbek Akylbekov and Ilman Izatov have prepared sportsmen for the championship.

Now sportsmen conduct preparation for the forthcoming championship of Asia which will take place in May.


RK championship on judo among young men has passed From February, 3 till February, 5th in Shymkent. More than 600 sportsmen of 1996-1997 year of birth from Almaty, Astana and all oblasts of the country participated in it. Competitions were spent on 9 weight categories.

Our children have won 2 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze awards. Winners of the championship: in a weight category Bauyrzhan Zhauyntaev of 50 kg and Nursultan Isa (60 kg) – both pupils of a sport boarding school named after Z.Bahadur. Zhaksybek Zhenisbek from Zhalagash region became the silver prize-winner in weight of 50 kg. Sabyr Omirzak, Aizhan Bolat from sports of a boarding school named after Z.Bahadur, Adiya Sain from oblast school №1 Olympic reserve and Akniet Turdan from Zhanakorgan region have won bronze.

Kalen Kaliuly, Rishat Burlov, Arman Moldakhanov, Kairat Tolenov, Kairat Abylakhov, Zhanarbek Sansyzbaev have prepared fighters for competitions.

Now sportsmen are preparing for the international games «Children of Asia» which will pass in June in Yakutia.

Handball. Kyzylorda people - Champions!

The Republic Kazakhstan championship on handball among young men of 1996-1997 year of birth has passed in Kyzylorda from February, 6 till February, 12th. National teams from Astana, Aktobe, Taraz, Shymkent, Kyzylorda and Kostanai have taken part in competitions.

The championship purpose – propagation of a healthy way of life, handball, a raising on new level of skill of young sportsmen.

By results of games a national team of Kyzylorda oblast has won the first place with 14 points.

Michael Snezhkov, Shyngys Altynbek, Nurgalym Nurlybai, Artem Chugunov, Michael Bykov, Drago Zaichikov, Aibek Tattibayev, Magzhan Kenzhebek, Erkin Abdikarimov, Aydar Irzhanov, Timofei Snezhkov, Abzal Islam, Nauryz Temir, Asan Seitzhan, Nagimzhan Galyamov, Aman Kumarbayev have played for our oblast.

Kabira has won the permit to Paralympic Games

The international tournament on power lifting among sportsmen with the limited possibilities has passed in Malaysia in the Kuala Lumpur city from February, 5 till February, 10th. Representatives of 15 countries of the world have taken part in these competitions.

On this tournament Kabira Askarova from Kyzylorda in weight of 44 kg has taken the fourth place and has won the permit to Paralympic Games which will pass in 2012 in London.

Kabira is the master of RK sports of the international class, the tenfold champion of Kazakhstan, the silver prize-winner of the Asian Paralympic Games. Now she is a student of KSU, and she is engaged in power lifting since 2007, trains at Aleksandra Inkizhekova.

Except her the good result has shown in weight of 60 kg 19-year-old Aibek Abzhan.

At the same time, among sportsmen with the limited possibilities there are athletes Anzhelika Saidgaziyeva and Islam Salimov who will take part in a qualifying tournament in United Arab Emirates. These competitions will pass from March, 8 till March, 20th.

Let's wish our sportsmen successes and gains of permits at more prestigious competitions!

Four tae kwon do sportsmen became leaders in the categories

The championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on tae kwon do о among youth has passed in Taraz from February 10th till 12th. Young men took part in it and girls are elderly 14-17 years. Competitions were carried out on 10 weight categories. About 250 athletes took part in the championship from Almaty, Astana and all oblasts of the country.

In the general offset the team of Kyzylorda oblast took the third prize. On the first - athletes from Taraz, on the second – Almaty.

Our fellow countrymen won 4 gold, three silver and bronze medals. Araylym Niyatova (44 kg, Aral), Perizat Zhubanova (46 kg, Kazaly), Zhazira Saparbekova (49 kg), Meruyert Kopbolsynova (63 kg, Syrdarya) won gold awards. Erbol Beysenbay (51 kg, a sport boarding school), Aynur Esbergenova (46 kg), Nikolay Ivanov (68 kg) received silver awards. Asel Nagmeddinova (42 kg), Nurlan Kamar (59 kg, a sport boarding school), Nurdaulet Kadyrbay (73 kg, Kazaly) became owners of bronze medals.

Athletes for competitions prepared Nikolay Kurnoskin, Nurlybek Sukhan, Madi Ismaylov, Serik Zhiyenbayev, Ruslan Tleuliyev, Marat Aldabergenov, Erdaulet Makhambetov.

Now athletes will prepare for the World Cup which will pass in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh city in April of the current year.


The oblast management of tourism, physical culture and sport organized from February 15 to February 17 regional championship in chess among teenagers at the age of 10, 12 and 14 years. 45 athletes took part in competitions from Kyzylorda and regions of the oblast. Games were carried out on classical chess, on the Swiss system and on circular. The superiority purpose – promotion of this sport, selection of candidates for the oblast national team for participation in the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Results of competitions:

10 years, girls:

I place Sakypzhamal Barmagambetova (Aral)

II place to Nazerka Nurali (Kyzylorda)

III place of Alua Otkelbay (Kyzylorda)

10 years, boys:

I place Samal Abduali (Kyzylorda)

II place Damir Pirmagambetov (Shiyeli)

III place Diaz Pirmagambetov (Shiyeli)

12 years, girls:

Nazgul Kadyrov (Kyzylorda) I place

II place Dinara Karasay (Kazaly)

III place of Nazgul Shamshit (Кармақшы)

12 years, boys:

I place Bauyrzhan Erdaulet (Kyzylorda)

II place Aknar Makhmudov (Karmakshy)

III place Bakhytzhan Myrzagul (Kazaly)

14 years, girls:

I place Nesibeli Syrymbet (Kyzylorda)

II place Asyl Serik (Kazaly)

III place Laila Abduali (Kyzylorda)

14 years, boys:

I place Asel Serikbay (Kyzylorda)

Adilet Erserik (Zhanakorgan) II place

III place Sabyrzhan Abdimalik (Kyzylorda)

Winners and prize-winners are awarded by diplomas. Trainers of Riza Koshkarov, Abu Toremakhanov, Abdiraym Shurenov, Erserik Tukibay, Gabit Nurkhanov, Bekbolat Mizambayev  prepared athletesfor competitions  .

Now young chess players will take part in the championship of Kazakhstan on chess which will pass in Astana from March 17 to April 3 the current year.

Kyzylorda people are the first!

From February 16 to February 19 in Karaganda city there passed the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on judo among youth of 1993-1995 year of birth. 16 teams from Astana, Almaty and all oblasts of the country took part in it. Fights were carried out on 16 weight categories (young men: 55, 60, 66, 73, 81, 90, 100, +100kg, girls: 44, 48, 52, 57, 63, 70, 78, +78kg).

In all-command offset the first place was occupied by the national team of Kyzylorda oblast.

Our children received 4 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze medals. So, Erlan Zhaksybek (60kg, Karmakshy), Salamat Zhurkabayev (66kg, specialized oblast Children's and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve), Akerke Myrzabek (63kg, a sport boarding school), Markhabbat Akylbayeva (78kg, sport school) won first place. Mereke Kudaibergenova (78kg, Togusken) took the second place, the third - Aybek Serikbayev (90kg, sport school), Adilkhan Kozybayev (90kg, sport school), Elaman Ergaliyev (100kg, Karmakshy), Moldir Bolatbekova (57kg, sport school of Tasboget).

Athletes for competitions prepared Zhanarbek Sansyzbayev, Kalen Kaliula, Darkhan Almakhanov, Gulzhan Zhumanova, Turar Baymakhanov and Bakbergen Tattimbetov.

Now young men will take part in the international tournament which will pass from March 22 to March 28 in the German, Bremen city, and girls – in Erfurt city.

Tournament in honor of Nalkozhy Ergeshbayev's memory

From March 5 to March 10 in the Syr-Darya region of Kyzylorda oblast there passed republican personal tournament of memory of eminent public figure Nalkozhy Ergeshbayev.

153 athletes from Almaty, the Aktyubinsk, West Kazakhstan, Southern Kazakhstan, Kustanay and Kyzylorda oblasts have taken part in tournament organized in the fourth time. Among them there were 2 masters of sports of the international class, 15 masters of sports and 50 candidates for the master of sports. Tournament was carried out on the Swiss system, for players be elderly till 18 years in 9 rounds, from 18 years old – in 7 rounds and for girls - in 9.

Winners and prize-winners became:


18 years old and senior


Till 18 years old


I place - Birzhan Eleusinov (Kyzylorda)

II place - Hakimzhan Eleusinov (Kyzylorda)

Young men

II place- Ramazan Ayshykkan (Zhalagash region)


I place - Asel Daliyeva (Kyzylorda)

II place - Aktorgyn Koshkarova (Kyzylorda)

III place - Farida Auyesbayeva (Kyzylorda)


I place - Beybitkul Abdirakhmanova (Kyzylorda)

III place Aynur Esenova (Shiyely region )

Islam won the permit on Paralympics games

From March 10 to March 13 in the United Arab Emirates, in the Dubaicity there have passed the international license tournament on track and field athletics among athletes with limited possibilities.

At these competitions our fellow countryman Islam Salimov won first place in the broad jumps, the second place in run on 400 meters and the fourth place on a distance of 800 meters.

And from March 17 to March 19 in the Shardzh city of the United Arab Emirates passed the same tournament where Islam took again the first places in broad jumps and run on 200 meters, on a distance of 400 meters it was content with the fourth place.

Islam on the international tournaments executed twice standards and won the permit on Paralympic games of 2012 which will pass in London.

Islam Salimov was born on December 18, 1989 in Kyzylorda. Since 2004 he began to be engaged in track and field athletics. He is a master of sports of the RK international class, twice the bronze prize-winner of Asian games. Now Islam is a student of 4 courses of Korkyt ata KGU o.

For competitions he was prepared by the deserved trainer of RK Yury Moshcheev.


From March 22 to March 24 in Semei there have passed the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan among adults on a kickboxing according to the K-1 version. Over 200 athletes took part in it from Astana, Almaty and all oblasts of the country.

From our oblast on competitions there went 10 participants and six of them returned with awards. For example, predstalyavshiya school of the highest sports skill in weight of 81 kg Zhalgasbay Abshekenov (in a picture) became a champion.

In weight of 86 kg Akhmediyar Amanzholov took the second place and executed the standard of the master of sports of RK.

Bronze prize-winners became: Farkhad Zhanuzakov and Nursultan Saparov in weight of 51 kg, Nurlan Ishekenov in weight of 54 kg and Daniyar Sarsenbayev in weight category of 71 kg.

Athletes for the championship were prepared by the senior trainer of the oblast on a kickboxing Berik Akhmetov.

The championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on "togyzkumalak" among young men

From March 25 to March 30 in Kyzylorda there have passed the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on "togyzkumalak" among young men. 280 athletes representing 16 teams from all regional centers and Astana, Almaty cities took part in it.

Competitions on a national sport were carried out on the Swiss system among boys and girls 10, 12 and 14 years are elderly.

By a classical look 1,5 hours, and on blitz game – were allocated 7 minutes for each player. 

the head of oblast management of sports Sadyk Mustafayev, the vice-president of RK association "togyzkumalak", Candidate of Philology Maksat Shotayev opened the championship.

Then sports fights in which kyzylorda player won 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals inflamed.

Results of competitions:

12 years, girls: (classics)

1 place Kymbat Rakymzhan (Kyzylorda)

2 place to Akerka  Kenzhebekova (Syrdarya)

14 years, girls:

1 place Samal Ermekbay (Kyzylorda)

Umit Saktashev (Aral) 2 place

10 years, boys: (blitz)

3 place Deneev Damir (Kyzylorda)

12 years, girls:

1 place Kymbat Rakymzhan (Kyzylorda)

3 place Nursula Makhanov (Syrdarya)

14 years, girls:

1 place Kyzzhibek Abilda (Zhalagash)

3 place Samal Ermekbay (Kyzylorda)


In Astana the RK championship on chess which lasted from March 20 to April 1 of the current year came to the end. More than 400 athletes took part in competitions at the age from 8 till 18 years old.

Our oblats was represented by 13 children by whom 4 gold, 2 silver and 2 more bronze medals were won. Games passed on the Swiss system by types: classics, blitz, slow motion.

Following the results of competitions:

Chess type

1 place

2 place

3 place


(9 round)

Asel Serikbai


(10 years old)

Nazerke Nurgali


(8 years old)

Samal Abduali


(10 years old)


slow motion (9 round)


Asel Serikbai


(10 years old)

Samal Abduali


(10 years old)

Nazerke Nurgali


(8 years old)


(11 round)

Asel Serikbai


(10 years old)

Nazerke Nurgali


(8 years old)


Girls study at Kyzylorda specialized child youthful sports school of the Olympic reserve No. 2.

 Riza Koshkarova trains them.

Now Asel Serikbay will take part in the World Cup among school students which will pass from April 27 to May 6 in the Romanian city of Yassa. Samal Abduali received the permit on the championship of Asia which will take place in June in Sri Lanka, and Asel and Nazerka received the permit on the World Cup which will pass in November in Slovenia. 

Memories of the soldier internationalist

From April 14 to April 15 in sport center "Eurasia" there has passed open championship in a football of memory of soldier internationalist Batyrzhan Shalgynbayev, organized by oblast management of tourism, physical culture and sport, oblast federation of football and fund named after B. Shalgynbayev. This year traditional tournament was carried out already in the 16th time and collected teams from South Kazakhstan, Baikonur, Kyzylorda, Kazaly and Zhanakorgan region, only 24, or 240 athletes.

The purpose of it and the previous tournaments – to honor memory of the soldier - the internationalist, healthy lifestyle promotion among youth, increase of sports skill of children.

Following the results of tournament the first place the Power engineering specialist team from Baikonur occupied, the second – "Dynamo" and the third – "Border" (both from Kyzylorda).

In the nomination «Best defender» celebrated Galymzhan Ayzhigitova (Dynamo), «The best goalkeeper» - Aslan Zhusipov ( from Baikonur), «The best forward» - Talgat Adzhanov (Power engineering specialist), «The best adherent of football» - Erken Ismailov (Shekar), «The best judge» - Serik Zhappasbayev (Kyzylorda).

Football tournament among young men on prizes « COCA COLA - LEATHER BALL» came to the end with

From April 16 to April 19 in Kyzylorda passed football tournament among young men of 1997-1998 year of birth of a season of 2011-2012 on a prize «COCA COLA –LEATHER BALL».

8 teams, only 150 athletes took part in competitions. The purpose of this tournament – healthy lifestyle promotion among young men, a raising of prestige of such game, as football, involvement of children in regular sports, identification of the best team and its sending on decisive matches of republican level.

Football tournament is carried out on three age categories and is divided into three stages.

The first stage passed among schools and was carried out in September-October of last year. The second stage captured city and regional competitions and passed during the period from October to November, 2011.

Following the results of the second stage of tournament the first place the team No. 10 of the Kyzylorda city occupied the second –No. 234 of the Kazaly region and the third –No. 34 of the Zhalagash region.

The won national team will go to Taraz for participation in republican competition which will pass from May 15 to May 20. Winner of this tournament will go to Spain, to the Madrid city, in four-day tourist travel.

And for children of 1999-2000 year of birth solving duels will pass from May 1 to May 6 in the Kazaly region, and for those who was born in 2001-2002, competitions will take place from May 15 to May 20 in the Shiely region.

On the nominations the best became: «The best goalkeeper» - Ruslan Kartanbek from Zhalagash, «The best player» - Zhanbolat Zhumabek from Kyzylorda, «The best forward» - Alim Tanirbergenov from the Kazaly region, «The best defender» - Aliaskar Ontalap from the Aral region and «The best halfback» - Bauyrzhan Altynbekov from the oblast center.

The international memorial on fight of sambo in memory of T.Komekbayev

The international memorial named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Taiymbet Komekbayev on sambo passed in Zhosaly settlement of the Karmakshy region. He is led here 17 years in a row and involved athletes from such countries, as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and also Almaty, Astana and all oblasts of Kazakhstan. In total participated in competitions of 22 teams. Fights were carried out on 9 weight categories (52, 57, 62, 68, 74, 82, 90, 100, +100 kg).

The oblast akim Bolatbek Kuandykov has opened the international tournament and wished successes to athletes.

The deserved trainer of RK on sambo, free-style wrestling and the Kazakh kures, the president of federation of sambo of RK and Asia, the head of department of tourism, physical culture and sport of the West Kazakhstan oblast Muslim Ondaganov handed over letters of thanks to the head of Kyzylorda oblast sports department Sadyk Mustafayev and the son of the Hero B. Taiymbetova. Besides, special cups are handed over to guests of honor of a memorial.

This tournament was carried out in the beginning as republican, then for more than 10 years has the status international and opened many new talented fighters, having become for them a step in big-time sports.

Winners of a memorial:

52 kg: Baurzhan Raysov (Karmakshy)

62 kg: Kayrat Zhalgasbayev (Karmakshy)

82 kg: Yerzhan Abdullaev (Karmakshy) 

90 kg: Zhasulan Dosymov (Karmakshy) 

2 place:

 57 kg: Askhat Pirmanov (Karmakshy)

82 kg: Almat Taybagarov (Karmakshy)

3 place:

57 kg: Kuanysh Tatimbetov (Кармакшы)

57 kg: Abay Abishov (Kyzylorda)

62 келі: Darhan Serzhanov (Baykonyr)

62 kg: Galymzhan Abdirakhmanov (Karmakshy)

68 kg: Maksat Nuraliyev (Baykonyr)

68 kg: Mukhtar Seylov (Baykonyr)

82 kg: To Mereka Mukhtayev (Kyzylorda)

82 kg: Batyr Mukhtayev (Kyzylorda)

+100 kg: Nursultan Altynbekov (Karmakshy)

Tournament on the "Kazakh kuresi" in memory of M. Kalmakhanov

On May 7-8 in the Karamakshy region, the III International passed tournament in memory of the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Musakhan Kalmakhanov in village among young men of 1997-1998 year of birth.

Athletes tfrom Baykonyr, Kyzylorda and regions of the oblast, only 150 fighters from 12 teamsook part in it . Fights were carried out on 10 weight categories. It should be noted that this tournament was carried out this year for the first time.

Following the results of tournament the first places in the weight categories borrowed:  fighter Nazbek Kenshilik (35 kg) from Zhalagash,  Alzhan Amankeldi (38 kg) from Karmakshy. Nurzhan Musakhan (Zhalagash region) took priority in weight of 42 kg, Arman Zhalgasbekuly (Karmakshy) in weight of 46 kg.

 Meyrzhan Maratov from Karmakshy also won first place in weight of 50 kg. To Galym Tuyakbayev there were no 55 kg equal in weight, also as well as to Rahman Abdrashita in weight of 60 kg.

 Kayrat Balgabay from Shiely rose by the highest step of a podium in weight of 66 kg, also as well as Nurzhan Nurlanov in weight of 73 kg. In weight of +73 kg Ayazbek Shukir from Kyzylorda became the first.

On tournament competition among juniors on a rank «Tue paluan» was organized. Maksat Isakabylov received this rank.

Also in competitions among adults in weight of 70 kg the first place got to Ruslan Eybov, in weight of +70 kg Dunaydar Nufarov became the champion.

Winners and prize-winners are awarded by medals, diplomas and valuable presents.

Silver medal of Nursultan!

From April 23 to April 30 in South Korea in the city of Puyenktaek there has passed the championship of Asia on weightlifting among adults.  More than 500 shtangistfrom 36 countries of the world were measured by forces on it. In the championship the kyzylorda weight-lifter, the graduate of school of the highest sports skill, the master of sports of the international class on weightlifting, the winner of youthful superiority on the Cup of RK and the championship of Kazakhstan 19-year-old Nursultan Rakhatov successfully acted. In weight category of 77 kg he won a silver award. He in breakthrough overcame 153 kg, in a push - 182, total gained 335 kg.

Nursultan was born in Kyzylorda on October 12, 1992. 8 years are engaged in weightlifting. He should be noted that this championship of Asia became for it the first competitions as a part of adults. Therefore, this achievement is big success of the young weight-lifter.

His trainers are Arman Abdreev and Velorik Pak.
Rhythmic-sportive gymnastics

In Shymkent from April 12 to April 16 there has passed open championship of the country in rhythmic-sportive gymnastics. 120 gymnasts from the cities Ust Kamenogorsk, Shymkent and Kyzylorda took part in it.

Not bad young Kyzylorda gymnasts – to Ayaru Bazarbek (2004 year of birth) made a speech at these competitions and Kuralay Sapar (2006) took the second places and won silver medals. Two girls – Tolkyn Abdiyeva (2001) and Aruzhan Kurmantay (2004) – took a prize-winning third place. On the fourth position there was one more kKyzylorda sportsmen  Jasmine Shermatov (2006).

And from April 23 to April 30 in Almaty passed the international republican tournament on rhythmic gymnastics with participation of 230-sportswomen from Almaty, Ust Kamenogorsk, Stepnogorsk, Karaganda, Kyzylorda and from Kirgizstan.

On this tournament Kuralay Sapar took the second place, Jasmine Shermatov– the third. Diana Kanatbek and Dana Sadykov were on the fourth place. On the fifth there was Tolkyn Abdiyeva.

All gymnasts train at oblast specialized Children's and Youth Sports School of Olympic ReserveNo. 1 under the direction of Gulmira Absultan.

The World Cup among young men on fight the Kazakh kuresi

From April 18 to April 22 Santos passed the World Cup in the Brazilian city among young men of 1995-1996 year of birth on the Kazakh kuresi. Athletes of 12 countries of the world took part in it. The national team of Kazakhstan won 3 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals.

At these competitions the pupil of child youthful sports school of the Shiyely region Rayymbek Rantayev in weight category of 60 kg won a bronze medal and entered into the national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He was born in the Shiyely region in 1996. Achieved such good result the diligence, Rayymbek is engaged in this sport of only 5 years.

On passing last year in Kokchetau the championship of Kazakhstan he won a silver award, and this year in the same championship which has passed in his native Shiyely region, became the champion.

At the same time, on a past during the period from April 22 to April 24 in the same country, but in the city of San Paulo, the World Cup in fight on belts in weight of +70 kg Ernar Begaydarov (sport boarding school) took the second place, and Rayymbek Rantayev became the bronze prize-winner. At these competitions the national team of Kazakhstan won on 2 silver and bronze medals.

Trainers of our talented athletes are Meyrambek Tazhbenov and Gabit Tazhbenov.

Bagdat is the champion!

From April 19 to April 22 in Almaty there have passed the championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on boxing among youth of 1991-1993 year of birth. 143 masters of a leather glove took part in this large competition from Astana, Almaty and country oblasts. The championship was carried out on 10 weight categories.

Powerful success in these fights our fellow countryman, studying achieved school of the highest sports skill Bagdat Uaydayev who has become the champion in weight category of 60 kg. Bagdat was born on July 13, 1993 in Kyzylorda. He is engaged in boxing since 2004.  He is the master of sports of RK, the prize-winner of the international competitions, the silver prize-winner of the youthful championship of Kazakhstan, in the World Cup among the teenagers, passing in 2009 in Armenia, won a silver award. Zhamil Dzhusupov trains him.

Now he will take part in the World Cup among students which will pass in America in August.

Asel Serikbay became the silver prize-winner of the World Cup

The 10-year old Asel Serikbay from Kyzylorda became the silver prize-winner of the World Cup among the school students, passed in the Romanian city of Yassa.

Asel acting in group among girls till eleven years, not so successfully began tournament, having gathered in the first four rounds only a half of possible points. However followed then five victories in a row allowed her to rise from the second ten standings by the second step of a podium.

In total in an asset of the national team of Kazakhstan – three gold and two silver awards, and with the account all of the becoming aggravated competition in world youthful chess is very good result. Our young compatriot who has won last year the same championship - the pupil of oblast specialized Children's and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 2. In the autumn it should protect honor of Kazakhstan in the youthful World Cup in Slovenia.


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