Report of the region akim Krymbek Kusherbayev
Dear participants of the ideological asset of the region!
We are on the verge of yet another historical period. This is a bright time on the way to the lofty goals of our Motherland - Independent Kazakhstan.
Recently, the Head of State, the Leader of the nation, Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, addressed a message to the people of Kazakhstan “Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness”.
The head of state in this Address outlined his vision of the country's further development at a new stage. This should become an innovative basis for the country's economic development and increase its competitiveness.
One of the global tasks set for the people of Kazakhstan is to enter the top thirty most developed countries of the world by 2050. New world realities require us to meet these requirements. He who fails to do this will lag behind the caravan. Therefore, we must accept the terms of the new global changes.
The next, fourth industrial revolution has begun in the world.
In these conditions, the Head of State sets the task to carry out the third modernization of Kazakhstan. For its implementation in this difficult period, it is necessary to create a new model of economic growth, which will ensure the competitiveness of the state.
The head of state proposed five key priorities.
The first is the accelerated technological modernization of the economy.
We have already taken the first steps in this direction - in November 2016, we held the first international online forum on the development of electronic commerce. As a result, today the regional museum of local lore and the regional drama theater have already joined online ticket sales.
The market today makes demands on the application and diffusion of new technologies and business models. Therefore, we need to continue to actively develop in this direction.
I assign the deputy akim of the region E. Kim, the Regional Department of Industrial and Innovative Development, in the first half of 2017 to hold the second Internet forum, selecting the necessary topics taking into account the following tasks from the Address of the Head of State.
The head of state also instructed to increase labor productivity.
In recent years, we have achieved sustainable development of the manufacturing sector. At the end of 2016, growth in this area amounted to 15 percent, and when compared with 2012, it was 52 percent. At the same time, labor productivity in this area increased almost 6 times (in the Republic of Kazakhstan - 2.4 times). As a result, the share of the manufacturing sector in the industrial structure increased 4 times, and in the GRP structure - 3.5 times.
We must not slow down. An important condition for the formation of new industrial areas is the support of innovations and their early introduction into production.
Therefore, in order to increase labor productivity in enterprises, I instruct the deputy akim of the region E. Kim to study the possibility of introducing new technologies by March 15 2017.
In his Address, the Head of State focused on the need to continue industrialization with a focus on the development of competitive export industries in priority sectors, setting the goal of a 20-fold increase in non-oil exports by 2 times.
We were the first among the regions on behalf of the Head of State to carry out work on updating the projects of the Industrialization Map, excluding from it non-export-oriented, not competitive projects - 20 out of 50.
Now, when selecting projects for inclusion in the Industrialization Map, the main criteria are export-oriented, competitive and large-scale projects. Today we are working precisely on 24 such projects.
I instruct the akims of the districts and Kyzylorda city to include at least one project in the Entrepreneurship Support Map by July 1 of this year.
I instruct the Regional Department of Industrial and Innovative Development to ensure the commissioning of the molybdenum trioxide production enterprise (Trimo LLP) in the first half of 2017. The company's products will be used in nuclear energy and the aerospace industry, micro and optoelectronics. We plan to establish export of products to Japan.
Already in the second half of the year, a plant for the production and processing of flat glass should be commissioned.
In the first half of this year, it is necessary to begin construction of a mining and processing plant and a gas turbine power plant at the Shalkiya lead-zinc deposit.
The implementation of the project for the autoclave processing of black shale in the Balasauyskandyk field should continue. In 2016, the company has already begun exporting ammonium metavanadate and vanadium pentoxide to Taiwan and Russia. A trial batch of ammonium metavanadate shipped to the United States. It is necessary to study the supply markets of other countries.
The work on creating a ferroalloy plant remains a priority.
In 2016, we began the construction of two cement plants at once: for the production of building cement in Zhanakorgan district and grouting in Shieli district. The commissioning of plants is scheduled for early 2018. Dates must be met.
It is also necessary to accelerate the study of the issue of attracting investments through the Development Bank of Kazakhstan for the implementation of the project of a soda ash plant in Aralsk.
The coordination of all these projects is with Evgeny Kim.
It is also necessary to intensify the work on monitoring and eliminating trade barriers when promoting Kazakhstan goods to foreign markets.
I instruct the deputy akim of the region E. Kim:
- By March 1 of this year, create an Export Policy Council with the introduction of representatives of the business community into the Council;
- By July 1 of this year, submit proposals to the Ministry of Investment of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the inclusion of projects in Kyzylorda region in the single export and investment strategy of the RK.
The priority remains to attract foreign investment and multinational companies to implement investment projects. I consider it appropriate to consider the experience of the Republic of Uzbekistan in creating joint industrial enterprises.
It is also necessary to effectively implement a joint investment program with China to establish production in our region in the manufacturing industry and the agricultural sector.
Now we are already working on two such projects (a cement plant in Shieli district and a tomato paste production plant in Zhanakorgan district). It is necessary to expand the range of production.
As you know, in recent years we have developed a rather difficult situation in the oil and gas industry. Due to the depletion of existing fields only in 2015-2017, oil production is reduced by 3 million tons. More than 70 percent of the oil being reduced in the republic is in our region.
Despite the fact that we are currently pursuing a targeted policy to diversify the economy, we must admit that the oil and gas sector will play a decisive role in the region’s economy for quite some time to come.
Therefore, together with the Ministry of Energy, we are resolving the issue of exploration and commissioning of new hydrocarbon deposits.
I assign the deputy akim of the region E. Kim and the department of industrial and innovative development:
–To work out the issue of including poorly studied subsurface resources of solid mineral resources of the North Kyzylorda and South Kyzylorda sites in the list of facilities for granting subsoil use rights according to the Australian “first come, first get” method;
–In the first half of 2017, to organize public hearings on the draft Subsoil Code with the participation of relevant state bodies and subsoil users. It is necessary to study the new Code in advance and clarify its norms.
The head of state also noted that the agricultural sector should become a new driver of the economy.
In recent years, we have seen a steady development of the agro-industrial complex of the region. Last year, rice farmers in the land of Cheese reached a record crop in the country's history. The farmers of the region for the fourth time achieved a record harvest. Due to the use of highly reproductive seeds and new technologies over the past 3 years, the gross yield of rice has increased by more than a third. And the volume of the main agricultural products of the region in comparison with 2012 increased by almost 2 times.
However, rice is not the only product that we can export. The region has great export potential. And the industry may well become export-oriented.
Therefore, for the first time in the history of the region, we conducted comprehensive marketing research of agricultural product sales markets and linked them to the potential capabilities of the agricultural sector. Based on these studies, we developed the Agrocard for the development of the agro-industrial complex of the region until 2020, where the main task was to increase the export potential and expand the sales markets (especially to Iran, China and Russia).
This is fully consistent with the order of the Head of State to stimulate the production of competitive agricultural products that are in demand on the market.
First of all, we began to develop new markets for rice. After the lifting of the embargo, a large Iranian market was opened for us.
Therefore, I set the tasks:
The first. The Department of Agriculture to take measures to implement the Agrocard of the region, to increase the range of exported goods. First of all, these are oilseeds, melons, vegetables, meat and wool. In addition, expand export markets with access to the Gulf countries (Iran, UAE), Central Asia (China), and Eastern Europe.
As for rice, it is necessary to increase the production of popular and highly profitable Iranian varieties. In general, by 2021, we must increase agricultural exports by at least 3 times.
The second. It is necessary to intensify work on the creation of agricultural production cooperatives. Today, more than 85 percent of milk and meat production falls on personal subsidiary plots. This is a huge potential both of the human resources involved in private household plots (personal subsidiary plots) and for the expansion of agricultural production.
In addition, this will solve the problem of ensuring a steady income for the villagers.
Today, this is the primary task of akims of all levels. The coordination of these issues is assigned to the deputy akim of the region S.Kozhaniyazov.
For the current year, I set you the task of creating at least 16 cooperatives with an association of at least 500 households.
The third. We have poorly developed agricultural products processing. We must pay special attention to this direction. For this, it is necessary to concentrate efforts on attracting investments in food production and the creation of plants for the deep processing of agricultural products.
I instruct the Department of Agriculture, SEC “Baikonur” already this year to begin work on the construction of a poultry farm in Karmakshy district.
Within a month, develop a plan for the commissioning of processing facilities - when and where we will introduce a meat factory, greenhouses, a plant for the production of camel milk, and for the production of tomato paste.
The head of state instructed to increase the efficiency of irrigated land.
Out of 238 thousand hectares of irrigated land in the region, 60 thousand hectares do not use a reverse and sewer-sewer system.
I instruct in three years to restore 50 percent of unused irrigated land.
By July 1 2017, the Regional Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Governance, akimats of districts and Kyzylorda to restore irrigated lands should conduct certification of water facilities and transfer them to the republican balance sheet in the prescribed manner.
After the reconstruction of the Kyzylorda-Zhezkazgan highway, Kyzylorda should become a major transport hub. To do this, we must now begin construction in the regional center of a large transport logistics center. This will allow us not only to ensure an increase in transit traffic, but also to saturate the market with cheap food products. In turn, agricultural producers through the transport and logistics center will be able to successfully sell their products.
Therefore, the Baikonur SEC together with the akim of Kyzylorda city, theNCE «Atameken», the Regional Departments of Agriculture, Passenger Transport and Highways, Entrepreneurship and Tourism make a proposal within a month to find sources of investment for placing a transport and logistics center in city.
The head of state sets the task of developing a new Eurasian logistics infrastructure.
Kyzylorda region is located along the transit corridor “Western Europe - Western China” and serves as a major transit hub. Kyzylorda's airport can accept all types of aircraft. That is, all the prerequisites for the development of passenger and freight traffic are available.
In 2017, using the PPP mechanism, we plan to begin work on modernizing the Kyzylorda airport.
The concept of the project has been prepared, industry approvals of government agencies have been received. Companies from China, Russia, Iran and the Czech Republic are interested in implementing the project.
I instruct the deputy akim of the region E. Kim, S. Suleimenov to ensure in the first half of the year a competition to attract investors to implement the project for the construction of a new passenger terminal.
The head of state sets the task of further development of the construction sector as a full-fledged driver of the economy.
Thanks to an effective housing policy, in 2016 for the first time more than half a million square meters of housing were built in Kyzylorda region. About one and a half thousand kilometers of engineering networks were brought to almost 15 thousand sites. Large-scale work to bring engineering and communications infrastructure for the first time in many years has unfolded in the districts of the region.
In 2017, on behalf of the Head of State, the implementation of the new Nurly Zher housing program began. Within the framework of this program in the region this year alone, it is planned to build at least 23 multi-apartment residential buildings for 1180 apartments for investors of Housing Construction Savings Bank.
For socially vulnerable segments of the population, construction of at least 140 apartments without rental right is foreseen.
To develop mass housing construction, the engineering and communications infrastructure will continue to be built both in the regional center and in the districts.
Now, practical work is needed to implement the new program.
Therefore, I instruct the deputy akim of the region S. Suleimenov to work out the issue of additional allocation of funds for the construction of rental housing without the right to purchase, the construction of engineering infrastructure.
The program stipulates that in the construction of individual housing in the regional center, the priority will be the construction of houses in a single architectural style through a single developer and (or) social and entrepreneurial corporations.
In this regard, the akim of Kyzylorda city together with the SEC "Baikonur" needs to study the development of design estimates for the construction of individual housing using the technology of a house-building plant.
Akims of districts and Kyzylorda city:
–To carry out an audit of existing land plots suitable for mass development;
–– To identify priority areas of mass housing development in accordance with the approved master plans and detailed planning projects;
––To carry out preliminary work on the preparation of land plots and ensure free access to information on the availability of free land plots;
–– during the first half of the year, to develop design estimates for the construction of rental housing without the right to purchase in accordance with the parameters of the Nurly Zher program and the construction of engineering and communications infrastructure.
The Head of State identified cardinal improvement and expansion of the business environment as the second priority in his Address.
It was entrusted to take the necessary measures to reduce all types of costs for the business.
We started work in this direction - we placed all business support structures in one place - we created the Entrepreneurship House. There, just the other day, an Entrepreneurs Service Center was opened, the idea of creating which involves ensuring easy business management.
The head of state set a task  to ensure by 2020 the contribution of small and medium-sized businesses to the GRP (gross regional product) of the country at least 50 percent.
Therefore, I entrust the regional department of entrepreneurship and tourism with:
–– until July 1 of this year introduce a mechanism for the electronic receipt of permits and technical specifications for utilities;
–– in conjunction with the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs until April 1 of this year to prepare proposals for reducing the terms for obtaining public services in the field of entrepreneurship for submission to the republican level.
In 2017, the implementation of the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship began, which provides for measures to promote employment through vocational training for the unemployed, the development of mass entrepreneurship and the development of the labor market.
At the republican level, this task is to be realized by the created Ministry of Health.
At the local level, this task is primarily the akims of the districts and the city of Kyzylorda, regional health departments and coordination of employment and social programs. The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kyzylorda region should also join in this work.
Considering that today, in the region there are more than 16 thousand unemployed and about 122 thousand self-employed, the closest attention should be paid to the implementation of this program. Especially when you consider that since July of this year a new system of compulsory social health insurance begins to operate.
Under the new system, the state will no longer finance contributions to the Social Health Insurance Fund (FSMS) for self-employed citizens, as it is assumed that the self-employed must register either as individual entrepreneurs or independently pay contributions as individuals.
A person without a permanent income will not go to register with the tax authorities as an entrepreneur. This means that at best it will join the ranks of the unemployed, and at worst it will remain unsecured with an additional package of the system.
Therefore, it is necessary to carry out active work to maximize the involvement of the self-employed population in business.
Therefore, I instruct:
Deputy akim of the region R. Rustemov:
–To organize wide informational and explanatory work on the introduction of compulsory social health insurance. The Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs should also join in this work. Employers must understand the full extent of their responsibility;
- By February 15, approve the action plan for training akims of all levels on issues of compulsory social health insurance.
Deputy akim of the region K. Iskakov:
–– until March 1 of this year actualize the balance of labor resources. To develop similar workforce balances in the regional center and each district;
- within a month, develop a set of measures to involve citizens in the category of self-employed.
I instruct the deputy akim of the region E. Kim to take a set of measures for the development of mass, including family business.
Also, akims of the districts and Kyzylorda city to organize a courtyard bypass and, until March 1, form a database of the self-employed population.
The Regional Department for Employment Coordination and Social Programs should take measures to create at least 9500 new jobs in 2017.
Also, the Regional Healthcare Department  to ensure the readiness of the industry for health insurance systems implementation.
As for privatization. The list of enterprises that should be privatized before 2020 is defined.
The head of state set the task to complete privatization by the end of 2018.
Five objects planned for 2016 in our region have been privatized. Six remained.
I instruct the head of the Regional Finance Department, akim of Kyzylorda city and SEC "Baikonur" to complete the privatization of facilities planned for 2019-2020, to complete before the end of 2018.
By the end of 2018, not a single privatized object should remain.
The head of state emphasized the need to develop public-private partnerships.
World experience proves that PPP is an effective tool to attract investment, and also has great potential for the development of entrepreneurship.
And although the institution of public-private partnership in our country officially begins the countdown only in 2015, in fact, real results have been achieved by us earlier in the field of education.
But, given the limited budget opportunities in connection with the current economic situation, public-private partnerships need to be developed in other areas.
According to our proposal, the procedures for coordinating projects have been simplified at the legislative level, which allows to accelerate the start of competitive procedures. Previously, on average, the full cycle of project development was about 370 working days, but today it has been reduced by an average of 4 times.
In addition, the Ministry plans to support in the near future the initiative of the region to increase the limit of state obligations for PPP projects for Kyzylorda region from KZT 8 to 34 billion.
That is, all the prerequisites for the development of PPPs are created, now it is necessary to step up.
Today, as part of the PPP, we are working on the implementation of 14 projects worth KZT 22 billion. These are projects of the social sphere, the sphere of energy and public order.
Already in February of this year we sign an agreement with a private partner on the service project for the Tarlan fitness center in Kyzylorda, and in April, on the project to open a clinic for 400 visits per shift in Kyzylorda.
Given that PPP can significantly reduce the burden on the state budget, it is necessary to develop this direction as much as possible.
I instruct:
In the process of updating the regional budget for 2017, the regional department of economy and budget planning should take into account all necessary financial expenses for PPP projects.
Within a week, the regional departments of health care, physical education and sports, energy and housing and communal services should submit to the Regional Center for Public-Private Partnership of Kyzylorda region LLP all the necessary calculations for the development of concepts for PPP projects.
The Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kyzylorda region within one month to create a register of potential private partners for PPP projects.
NC SEC Baikonur JSC to study the possibility of implementing on the basis of SEC Baikonur 1 project of an institutional form of PPP. The deadline is March 1.
The overall coordination of these issues is with the deputy akim of the region E. Kim.
The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan sets the task to prevent the concentration of expenditure powers at the regional level.
For this, all powers are granted to rural akims today.
So that akims can solve their current problems locally, since 2014 cash control accounts have been opened for all rural akimats using 7 sources of income - these are outdoor advertising fees, property rental income, voluntary fees from individuals and legal entities and administrative fines.
Since 2015, another 6 types of taxes have been transferred to the rural level (individual income tax, property tax from individuals, land tax from individuals, tax on vehicles from individuals and transport and land tax from legal entities).
At the same time, if we analyze the receipts to control cash accounts using 7 sources of income for which akims should work, it can be seen that rural akims do not work at all in this direction. We have 146 rural and township akims. For 3 years, these sources received only KZT 12 million!
Beginning in 2018, these sources will be formed in villages and rural districts with a population of more than two thousand people, and from 2020, an independent budget will be formed in all administrative-territorial units. That is, the size of the budget and its capabilities will depend on the agility of rural akims.
Deputy akim of the region K. Iskakov:
–– until May of this year on the basis of the "Regional Center for Advanced Studies and Retraining of Personnel" to conduct training seminars for akims of all levels and their staff on issues of the budget process and the management of communal property;
- within a month, make proposals on the decentralization of costs for the development of projects and the construction of social facilities and engineering and communications infrastructure (IKI).
In the future, it is necessary to transfer them to the district and rural level.
The fourth priority of the Message is the qualitative improvement of human capital.
Education should be at the center of the new model of economic growth.
In the field of preschool education, we, ahead of schedule, back in 2015, fulfilled the task set by the Head of State to fully cover children from 3 to 6 years old with preschool education and training. This was achieved thanks to the development of public-private partnerships in the region. Today, more than 70 percent of kindergartens in the region operate on the basis of PPP. If in 10 years the state built 37 kindergartens, then only in the last 3 years the private sector has opened more than 380. The Head of State noted the positive experience of Kyzylorda region his Address.
I instruct the akims of the districts and Kyzylorda city to continue work to increase the coverage of preschool education of children up to 3 years. Today, the coverage of this category of children in our region is only 5.5 percent (in the Republic of Kazakhstan - 16%).
The head of state sets the task to change the role of the education system. Given the shortage of qualified teachers, the President of Kazakhstan instructed to develop proposals for the phased implementation of the English language.
This work is already underway. We concluded a memorandum with the Nazarbayev Intellectual School on the dissemination of her work experience in secondary schools, with KATEV and the M.Mametova Humanitarian College - on the training of specialists teaching in English. We have created 46 innovative schools that will become “magnetic” schools to spread this experience. This year we have provided more than KZT 400 million for the purchase of 45 physics rooms, 80 robotics rooms, computers, desks. Since 2018, 75 teachers will begin to teach biology, chemistry, physics and computer science in English.
I instruct the deputy akim of the region R. Rustemov, the Education Department of Kyzylorda region, when switching to a new system of education from 2017, provide basic textbooks of new content for students of the second, fifth, seventh grades. We have more than 46 thousand of them.
Also, akims of the districts and Kyzylorda city within two months to resolve the issue of financing the acquisition of textbooks.
On behalf of the Head of State, a project of free vocational education has been launched since September 2017.
The regional Departments of Education, Coordination of Employment and Social Programs, together with NCE «Atameken», will organize free training of personnel with technical and vocational education for at least 1500 school graduates, taking into account the needs of the labor market.
This project needs to attract as many self-employed and unemployed as possible - at least 1300 people in 2017.
There should be a clear priority for training for promising sectors of our economy - taking into account the new industries being created in our region, the balance of labor resources. 
The fifth priority concerns institutional change, security and the fight against corruption.
Ensuring security is becoming the measure of a strong and capable state.
Today our main task is to suppress the activity of destructive religious movements.
I entrust the regional department of internal policy, akims of districts and Kyzylorda city:
–To carry out work on the prevention and suppression of religious extremism, especially on the Internet and social networks. Non-governmental organizations and religious associations should be actively involved in this work;
–For the formation in society of zero tolerance for all radical manifestations in the field of religion, to intensify the work of information and propaganda groups on religion under the akimats of the region, city and regions;
–– the regional department of the penitentiary system, together with the regional department of internal policy, to organize theological training of citizens in correctional institutions serving time under articles of extremism and terrorism of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The head of state has set a task to strengthen work to identify and eradicate the causes and prerequisites of corruption.
Unfortunately, we have to observe a growth of corruption offenses in Kyzylorda region in 2016 by 12.4 percent. The area of increased corruption risk remains the sphere of public procurement.
Therefore, the necessary measures to combat corruption are strict adherence to legislation, the implementation of preventive measures, the active use of social and media resources to create universal rejection of corruption among the population.
Akims of districts and Kyzylorda city, heads of regional departments:
–To ensure control and rigorous enforcement of public procurement legislation;
–To take additional measures to strengthen work to eradicate the causes and premises of corruption;
–Actively and systematically use media resources, social networks to create universal rejection of corruption among the population.
In order to create an effective system for the implementation of the priorities and objectives of the Message, the introduction of changes to the management scheme and internal structure of local executive bodies, official powers between deputies of the region akim I entrust Marat Delmukhanov, acting head of the region akim’s administration.
In the current difficult political situation, which is observed throughout the world, it is very important to correctly explain to the population the goals and objectives set by the Head of State in the Address.
Information groups should be able to convince people that all areas of the Address will be implemented.
I instruct the Regional Department of Internal Policy to conduct active outreach in the media, including Internet resources and social networks.
Dear participants!
The meaning of life is to be useful to society, to do good to others, to our native land.
Therefore, our task is to serve Independent Kazakhstan. We are obliged with great responsibility to realize the historical tasks outlined in the Address of the Head of State.
May our Independence grow stronger! Thank!
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