Unemployment rate. According to statistics, in the I quarter of 2019 in the region, the workforce amounted to 347.9 thousand, (2018 Q1 - 344.7 thousand people), including the employed population - 331.4 thousand people (2018 Q1 . - 328.1 thousand people). 
16.6 thousand people are unemployed. The overall unemployment rate was 4.8% (2018 - 4.8%), youth unemployment from 15-28 years old - 4.2% (2018 - 4.3%).
It is planned to create 12300 new jobs, created -7160 (58.2%), including permanent - 6938 (56.4%).
20541 people applied to the employment authorities in search of work, of which 33.8% or 6954 people were employed in permanent jobs.
Of the target groups, 658 people applied to the employment authorities, (including 401 disabled people, 256 released from places of imprisonment, -1 oralmans), 313 people were employed, or 47.6% were employed, (including: disabled people - 148 released from places of imprisonment – 165).
53 job fairs were held, which were attended by 543 employers, who submitted 1,666 vacancies. The fair was attended by more than 3,127 unemployed job seekers, of which 2,056 were given directions for active forms of assistance (for permanent jobs for 1369 people) of employment.
A total of KZT 10.2 billion has been allocated for the implementation of the Enbek program “Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship Development for 2017-2021”, KZT 5.2 billion has been disbursed to the reporting plan (5.3 billion tons) 98%.
15041 people became participants in the program: (unemployed –54.6% (8209 people), self-employed –– 5.3% (794 people), job seekers –– 35.3% (5322 people), people, not included in the workforce -4.8% (716 people)).
In the first direction - Providing program participants with technical and vocational education and short-term vocational training:
1) 1515 people are envisaged for training personnel with technical and vocational education taking into account the needs of the labor market (training will begin on September 1).
2) 1919 people are envisaged for short-term professional training of workers in professions and skills that are in demand on the labor market. 677 people were sent for training in the specialties of a hairdresser, seamstress, makeup artist, manicure, pastry chef and others.
In the second direction, the development of mass entrepreneurship:
1. 800 people are provided for training participants in the Program on the basics of entrepreneurship under the Bastau Business project. Since the beginning of the year, 825 people have been sent for training, 754 completed training, 85 received microloans, 241 state grants for new business ideas.
2. to support entrepreneurial initiatives in rural and urban areas - 813 people are envisaged to cover with microcrediting. 343 people received loans, of which 328 due to this year. 197 additional new jobs
were created.
3. State grant for new business ideas for 1922 people in the amount of KZT 763.5 million (initial plan –820 people. 207 million tons, will add -1102 to large families 556.5 million tons). 461 people received grants, 100 MCI (252.0 tons) 79.7 million tons. 200 MCIs 505.0 thousand tons - 12 people KZT 6.1 million, who were able to open their own business, including purchased inventory, tools, technological equipment.
In the third direction, the Development of the labor market through the promotion of employment and labor mobility.
Employment promotion measures covered 15047 people, including employed:
- 6954 people for vacancies;
- for social jobs - 1,001 people (with a plan of only 578 people, including RB - 569 people 203 million tons), out of 192 people who completed - 43 were employed or 22.3%;
- for youth practice - 1976 people (with a plan of 2421 people, 917 million tons, including RB-2063 people. 781.3 million tons, MB-358 people. 135.6 million tons), from 549 people completed them, 116 people or 6.2% were employed for permanent work;
 - 5116 people for public works (with a plan of 6400 people, 482.5 million tons), out of the total number of people who completed 2383, 147 people or 6.2% were employed for permanent work;
The resettlement plan for the Northern regions amounted to 166 families. Since the beginning of the year, 96 families (consisting of 208 people) have been introduced into the resettlement quota (Kostanay region 31/68, SKO 22/59, VKO-38/72, Pavlodar 5/9 families).
Within the framework of the approved Comprehensive Plan for the Promotion of Employment, it is planned to cover 32069 unemployed and self-employed. 17429 (54%) of the unemployed and self-employed are covered, including:
-1377 people or 45% were employed for new projects, with a plan of 3052 places (including: Nurly zher-60 people, Regional Development Program-51 people, PRT-1093 people, DCB 2020- 25 people, Development Program APK-26, Private Initiatives-122);
-5577 people were employed without applying state support measures, or 43% with a plan of 13004 people;
- under the program of productive employment - 10475 people, including the following were sent:
- for training on the Bastau-Business project - 825 people;
- to receive microloans - 407 people (including 343 people this year);
- to receive a grant for new business ideas - 473;
- for social jobs - 1001 people;
- for youth practice - 1976 people;
-for short-term courses - 677 people
- for community service - 5116 people.
On the formalization of the self-employed. The number of citizens without status was 113417 people, 84,665 people, 74.7% actualized. 28,752 people need to be updated: the number of unregistered unemployed is 5,304 people, the self-employed - 456 people, employed in personal subsidiary plots - 4905 people, those who refused formalization - 14252 people, other categories -3835 people.
Paid a single aggregate payment -7051 people.
Private employment agencies-2. (Aral, Syrdaria). 208 people turned in as job seekers, of which 148, 71.2% were employed for permanent work.
25459 families (123071 family members) received targeted social assistance in the amount of KZT 8.4 billion. Of these, 78 131 (63.5%) children under the age of eighteen were paid a guaranteed payment of KZT 20 789. On average, each family receives social assistance in the amount of KZT 92 924 per month.
5886 families received housing assistance in the amount of KZT 211.0 million. The average monthly amount of assigned housing assistance leaves – KZT 6173.
By decision of the local executive bodies, 8126 social assistance benefits were paid to certain categories of citizens in the amount of KZT 650.5 million.
As part of the charity campaign 2906 families received assistance in the amount of KZT 127.0 million.
515 students are studying under the akim’s grant from socially vulnerable layers of the population in higher educational institutions in the specialties demanded in the region. This year, an additional 200 grants have been allocated.
30 093 disabled people have been registered in the region, of which disabled people of the I group - 2972, II groups - 11084, III groups - 11035 people, children with disabilities under 18 years old - 5002.
7112 individual rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities have been developed, 15145 individual rehabilitation programs have been implemented, taking into account the ongoing IPR for the past year.
Through employment centers, 148 people are engaged in permanent work, 32 - are sent to youth practice, 260 - are involved in community service.
730 people live and are covered by special social services in state medical and social institutions.
In the "Rehabilitation Center for Disabled People" special social services were provided to 551 disabled people, in the center for the re-socialization of people in difficult situations, 157 people were covered with special social services.
In day hospitals, 674 people received special social services.
The center for the provision of special social services LLP "Duman-Shieli" opened in the framework of public-private partnership projects with special - social services covered 271 people. Of these, 42 are disabled children, 229 are elderly.
To attract foreign labor to Kyzylorda region for 2019, the quota for types of economic activity has been allocated in the amount of 1,437 units.
There are 27 joint ventures in the region. The number of working Kazakhstani specialists amounted to 6597 people.
On the provision of the state service “Issuance and extension of a permit to attract foreign labor to employers to carry out labor activities in the territory of the respective administrative-territorial unit, or as part of an internal corporate transfer”, 75 applications were received from legal entities to attract foreign labor, 160 were issued, which paid tax levy in the amount of KZT 66.7 million.
By permission, 392 foreign specialists work, including 1 category - 21, 2 categories - 130, 3 categories - 241 people (386 citizens of China, 2 - Romania, 1 - USA, Serbia - 1, Ukraine - 2).
21 families/of 25 ethnic Kazakhs, 16 families/20 people from the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2 families/2 people from Kyrgyzstan, 1 from the Russian Federation, 1 from Tajikistan, 1 from Mongolia are registered in the region.


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