About measures for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations


About the done work on restoration of the Aral-Sarbulak group water supply system


Since May 4 current year beginning, on the main line of the Aral-Sarbulak group water supply system, providing inhabitants of settlements of  Aral and Kazaly regions with drinking water, emergency breaks took place owing to which 160 thousand people of these two regions remained without drinking water.

The Aral-Sarbulak group water supply system being on balance of Joint management of the enterprises  under construction "Aral", was constructed and put into operation in 1986. Because overhaul of a group water supply system since the period of the operation was never carried out, worn-out designs of the main line often fail. Example of it are emergency breaks of the high-level water supply systems from Kosaman's head water intaking construction of the Aral region to the settlement  Ayteke bi of  Kazaly region.

Because of absence at the operating organization of possibility of elimination of consequences of large-scale accident in the shortest terms, and also for prevention of stop of work on providing the population with drinking water, with support of oblast akim from reserve of local executive body 147,0 million tenge are allocated.

On five sites of the Aral-Sarbulak group water supply system "Kosaman-Saksaulsk", "Saksaulsk-Aral", "Aral-Aralkum", "Aralkum-Kamystybas", "Kamystybas - Ayteke bi", passing between Kosaman head water intaking construction of the Aral region and the settlement Ayteke bi of Kazaly region, since May 14 of the current year began repair work of 64 emergency breaks.

4 contract organizations are involved in the current repair work ( branch of JSC "Yugsantekhmontazh" , JSC "RZA", "Beck and K" LLP, "Zhylu-21" LLP), are also mobilized 97 people and 41 units of special equipment.

Along with carrying out repair work of water lines, for pump station exhaust deep pumps in number of 6 pieces of  brand HEP-10  and 2 pieces of brand 1D were acquired. In total for these purposes 136,238 million tenge were spent.

During repeated connection of water after elimination of initially revealed defects, in consequence of strong wear of the high-level network formations of breaks on new sites took place.

In this regard, the saved means of 10,762 million tenge will go on elimination of taking place defects.

Besides, according to terms of the contract, the contractor for two years guarantees quality of the performed works, the emergency breaks which have arisen during this period on the repaired sites will be eliminated at the expense of contractors-performers.


About carried-out works on the prevention of distribution of the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever


Despite carried-out works on elimination of pincers being main carriers and carriers of  virus of the Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever, the tendency of increase in of areas of their distribution remains.

According to Department of Committee of the state sanitary and epidemiologic supervision on Kyzylorda oblast if in 2011 on oblast tottaly 1044 people from whom 300 people were hospitalized asked for medical care upon a sting of pincers, since the beginning of 2012 on this matter 663 people asked for medical care on oblast, including 132 are hospitalized.

If in 2010 on oblast 2 cases of Congo - Crimean hemorrhagic fever, in 2011 - 4 cases are registered, in 6 months 2012 10 cases are registered, from them 8 are revealed by laboratory researches. As a result, it is revealed that 2 patients are infected from a sting of a tick, 3 - at shearing of sheep and the 3 – on the natural centers.

Results of laboratory serological researches of pincers collected from cattle wool in 2011 positive result to Congo -  Crimean hemorrhagic fever showed 117 pincers, in 2012 of 2531 seropositive pincers with positive result. In this regard data of laboratory researchs show that 9,5 percent of pincers are carriers of this infection (seropositive pincers).

On oblast in 2010 49 "adverse" settlements with a natural and focal infection are revealed, in 2010 their quantity reached 60, and in 2011 increased to 73.

On the basis of calculations provided the oblast management of Agriculture for carrying out preventive actions for the prevention of distribution of disease of Congo - Crimean hemorrhagic fever from the oblast budget allocated 60,0 million tenge and disinsection works on processing of 358868 beasts and cattle building with a total area of 2809826 sq.m in 73 settlements of oblast are scored. Disinsection works were carried out by contract organization «Төрт түлік белгілері» LLP of the Southern Kazakhstan region. On performance of these works 18 units of special equipment (7 Duk and 11 cars with special installation) were attracted with this contract organization and 39 people are mobilized

At the same time, in spite of the fact that the works provided on the current year on disinsection were performed in full, results of researches of oblast management of Agriculture conducted in June of the current year, revealed in addition 26 adverse settlements with the natural centers of distribution of these pincers.

In this regard in 2013 on carrying out disinfection works in 99 "adverse" settlements 78,9 million tenge will required.


About antifreshet actions


Within implementation of the legal decision of the regional commission on questions of the prevention and elimination of emergency situations, for carrying out preparatory activities by the freshet period of 2012-2013 specially created working group carried out works on inspection of condition of protective dams and hydraulic engineering constructions of the Syrdarya River and the main channels. By results of inspection on water management objects of oblast 50 dangerous sites were revealed. Now questions on allocation of financial means for restoration of the destroyed protective dams and hydraulic engineering constructions are studied.

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