On the results of social and economic development of Kyzylorda region for January-October 2017
Industrial production. For January-October 2017, industrial enterprises of the region have produced goods for KZT 624.1 billion.
At the same time, there is an increase in the manufacturing industry. Due to an increase in the production of light industry, chemical industry and refined products, growth in the manufacturing industry has been achieved, the IFO has amounted to 106.0% (goods worth KZT 88 bln.).
2017, within the framework of the industrialization program in the region, work is underway to implement 2 projects with a cost of KZT 37.6 billion with the creation of 284 jobs. It is:
1) The project "Construction of a plant for the production and processing of sheet glass" ("Orda Glass ltd" LLP)
The cost of the project is KZT 36.7 billion;
Project capacity is 197.1 thousand tons per year;
Place of realization - Kyzylorda;
Jobs - 226 people.
As a measure of state support, a land plot of 50 hectares in the industrial zone of Kyzylorda has been allocated and investment preferences were granted in the form of exemption from customs duties, tax incentives, quotas for foreign labor and a full-time grant (due to financial difficulties, the project was postponed from 2017 year for 2018).
2) The project "Organization of the production of the technical conversion of molybdenum dioxide powder into molybdenum trioxide" (Trimo LLP)
The cost of the project is KZT 871.5 million;
Project capacity - 500 tons per year molybdenum trioxide;
Place of realization - Kyzylorda;
Jobs - 58 people.
As a measure of state support, a land plot of 4 hectares has been allocated in the industrial zone of Kyzylorda (in connection with the extension of the term of construction and installation works, the operational exploitation was postponed from 2017 to 2018). 
Investments in fixed assets has amounted to KZT 164.9 billion or 102.9% to the corresponding period of 2016.
The construction work has amounted to KZT 55.5 billion or 105.3% to the corresponding period of 2016.
512.4 thousand s.m. of housing have been put into operation or 135.6% to the corresponding period in 2016.
The gross agricultural output has amounted to KZT 79.0 billion or 104.1% to the corresponding period of 2016.
During the reporting period, 27.5 thousand tons of livestock and poultry meat have been produced, milk (cow) - 68.7 thousand tons, eggs - 5.4 million pieces or 102.5%, 101.3% and 117.2% of the corresponding period in 2016.
299.8 million passengers have been transported by motor transport of the region or 109.2% to the corresponding period of 2016. Passenger turnover for this period  has increased by 9.0% and reached 5,272.8 million pkm.
Social sphere. The unemployment rate has been 4.8% (for the 2nd quarter of 2017).
19,326 people have been employed, including 11,296 permanent workplaces, 5,958 people at the expense of local budgets, 5,958 paid social work, 1 266 youth practice, and 806 social work places.
For January-October 2017, 11,904 new jobs have been created, including 10,414 permanent jobs.
The average monthly nominal wage per employee for January-September of 2017 has been KZT 121 111, which is 4.4% more than the corresponding period in 2016.
The consumer price index in October 2017 has amounted to 104.8%, including 104.1% for food products, 106.6% for non-food products, and 103.9% for paid services.
Taxes and budget. The state budget has received KZT 77,372.4 million of taxes and other mandatory payments, or 111.2% of the forecast, including KZT 43 044 million (112.7% to the forecast) received to the republican budget, KZT 34 328.4 million (109.4% to the forecast) to the local budget.


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