Report on state services provided by local executive bodies of Kyzylorda region in 2018

General information. In 2018, the local executive bodies of Kyzylorda region for 195 types of services provided 2 127 261 services in total (2 708 536 in 2017).
Of them:
-130 334 services were provided through the State Corporation (in 2017 – 177 241, the decrease was 26.5%, the reason was the transfer of some services to the “electronic format”);
-852 304 services through the portal of the "electronic government" and IMIS "DamuMed" (in 2017 - 482 572, an increase of 1.8 times);
- in electronic form through other automated information systems ("E-sobes", "EACU Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan", "ISZh") - 376 649.
-767 974 services through state bodies (of which 571 710 on a non-alternative basis only through state bodies).
The industry-specific ratio of services provided is as follows:
1,527,188 services (71.8%) - provided in the healthcare sector;
181 319 (8.5%) - in the field of agriculture and veterinary medicine;
167 322 (7.9%) - in the field of education;
145,480 (6.8%) - in the field of social protection;
42 015 (2.0%) - in the field of civil registration;
21,081 (1.0%) - in the field of architecture, construction and urban planning;
10 381 (0.5%) - in the field of land relations;
32,272 (1.5%) - in other areas.
The facts of violation of terms. For 11 months of 2018 (data for the month of December 2018 - to be clarified by the MIC of the Republic of Kazakhstan), the number of services rendered in violation of the deadlines was 14 (in 2016 - 67), of which 5 deadlines were discovered during external control Department of the Agency of the RK for Civil Service Affairs in Kyzylorda region.
As a result, disciplinary measures were applied against 25 responsible employees, in particular:
-10 employees - in the form of a “comment”;
-3 employees - in the form of a "reprimand";
-12 employees - in the form of a “strictly reprimand”.
There were 1 complaints received by government bodies regarding the quality of service provision (0 in 2017).
Internal control measures.
According to the plan, in 2018, 178 events were carried out in the region, 178 objects were inspected, of which:
-number of local executive bodies - 119;
- subordinate organizations - 59, the number of violations detected - 458.
According to the proposals made, in the acts of the control measures 19 employees were brought to disciplinary liability, 16 - in the form of “remarks”, 3 - in the form of “reprimand”.
Of these, 7 are employees of local executive bodies, 12 are employees of subordinate organizations.
The number of explanatory events held in 2018 amounted to 308, of which 90 were articles in regional and city newspapers.
An increase in the share of services provided through the State Corporation and the portal.
The region akim’s administration annually approves a schedule to increase the share of services provided through the State Corporation and the portal, the implementation of which is monitored and monitored daily.
In order to increase public interest in obtaining electronic public services through the web portal of "electronic government" when organizing the administration of the region akim in the regional branch of the State Corporation, an action "Accessible to everyone, convenient for everyone" is held with prizes.
In total, 8 events have been held today, in which 28,281 people took part. Of these, 506 people were recognized as winners, 690 prizes (TVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, card readers, mobile phones) were awarded as gifts.
As a result of the measures taken, the number of online services, compared to 2017, increased 1.8 times.
Automation of business processes of public services.
In order to reduce administrative procedures, an online mechanism for obtaining technical conditions for utilities (electricity, gas, water, heat) was introduced in a pilot mode at the Entrepreneurs Service Center.
As a result, residents of the region receive technical conditions in electronic form without visiting monopolistic structures. The term for obtaining technical conditions was reduced from 5 to 3 working days.
In order to automate public services for the placement and admission of children to kindergartens in the region, the Electronic Kindergarten system has been implemented. To date, 659 kindergartens are connected to this system.
Also today, in an electronic form via mobile communications, residents of the region receive the services "Appointment to the doctor" and "Call a doctor at home."
In 2018, 239,764 services were provided through Damamed.
Along with this, in order to further improve and develop the scope of the provision of public services, the Akimat of Kyzylorda region submitted more than 50 proposals to the Central state bodies.
In general, work to improve the quality of public services is ongoing and the provision of public services is under the control of the Regional Akimat.
Date created: 06-09-2012 16:54
Updated date: 15-10-2019 19:43
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