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of the Management of culture, archives and documentation of  Kyzylorda Region ”


Address: The Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda region, Kyzylorda city, Korkyt Ata street, 78
Contact number:
Reception: 8 /7242/ 27 76 33, 27 26 56
Accountant’s office: 8 /7242/ 29 26 80
Working hours: 9.00 - 19.00 
Break time: 13.00-15.00
Day-off: Saturday, Sunday
The Kyzylorda regional center for the development of folk art and cultural and production activities, whose history spans about half a century, has made a significant contribution to the development of spiritual life, the formation of an original culture of the land of Cheese.
In 1958, according to the decree of the Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR, the regional House of Folk Art was opened. Three or four artists, who were part of it, went to districts, villages, villages as propaganda brigades, where they performed concert programs for farmers and working people.
In 1958-1960, the regional House of Folk Art was transformed into the House of Creativity, under the leadership of Yeraly Bedebekov, the scope of activity expanded, the number of talented youth increased.
In 1960, the House of Creativity, under the guidance of the famous playwright writer Orazbek Bodykov, began to issue a special edition - the repertoire sheet “Sakhna” (“Scene”), which was a messenger of the culture and art of the region. The honored cultural worker of Kazakhstan, the former director of the Republican Puppet Theater Saktagan Turlymuratov contributed to the establishment of the House of Folk Art.
In 1961-1963, the famous akyn Nadezhda Lushnikova was the director of the House of Creativity. Since 1963, the Sakhna repertoire sheet was renamed «Syr sakhnasy», published as a repertoire sheet, which printed scripts, sketches from the theater’s repertoire, and aitys.
In 1963-1969, the post of director of Creativity House was performed by Bekarys Kanasylov, who previously worked as an inspector for club work, held the post of director of the Creativity House. During these years there has been an increase in the number of club institutions, the quality of their work has been improving, a network of palaces and houses of culture, clubs and auto clubs, museums, and red yurts has revived.
In 1965, there were 209 club institutions in Kyzylorda region, in 1966 their number increased to 218.
In 1969-1971, the Creativity House was led by journalist, poet Zhanuzak Kozhabergenov, in 1971-1975 by Adam Mekebaev.
In 1972-1975, the House of Folk Arts consisting of 4 full-time units was led by Sheker Orynbaeva. During these years, under her leadership, a publication promoting people of art and their work was renamed “Syr onery”.
In 1980, according to the decree of the Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR, the regional House of Folk Arts was reorganized into the Scientific and Methodological Center for Cultural and Educational Work.
In 1989-1991, an amateur cameraman, a talented director Jadiger Tursynov was appointed director of the Center. Thanks to his business qualities and organizational abilities, the talented organizer Mukhamediyar Abzhanov did a lot for the further development of the Center.
By the decision of the region akim on January 14, 1999 No. 869 dated and by order No. 6 dated January 27 of the regional department of culture, the Scientific and Methodological Center for Cultural and Educational Work was reorganized into the Regional Center for the Development of Folk Art and Cultural Production.
From the day of foundation until 2006, the Center was led by Zhumabek Aliyev. For 7 years the Center has organized large republican, international festivals, competitions, conferences, a lot of work has been done to strengthen the material and technical base.


Goals and objectives of the Center:
The main direction of the Centre's work is to coordinate the work of club institutions, provide them with methodological assistance, promote the development of club staff, promote the best creative teams and best performers at the regional and republican levels, exploring the work of akyns-zhyrau and amateur composers, organize cultural events at the regional level.
The Center’s work is carried out by 5 departments and 2 sectors:
1. Department of development of folk art  develops folk art, directs and assists amateur art groups, uses methodological instructions, adapting them to the conditions of the region, selects creative groups and individual performers to participate in cultural events (aitys, festivals, competitions, conferences, forums, exhibitions) held in other areas and at the republican level, provides training for participants, provides audio and video recordings of traditional artists, zhyrau-akyn improvisers, kuishi -kobyz players and collects information about their work.
2. Department “Monitoring, analysis and methodological work” carries out work on the formation and improvement of the material and technical base of club institutions, for which purpose it visits club institutions and monitors their activities. It accepts annual reports of club institutions and, based on their analysis, makes conclusions and makes proposals.
3. Department "Organization of cultural and recreational work" organizes and conducts holiday programs, discos, matinees, cultural events. In accordance with modern requirements, in order to promote folk traditions and customs, it provides paid services.
4. Department “Music and children's creativity” - identifies amateur composers in the region, collecting information about their biography and work, compiles a file cabinet, organizes their creative evenings. It provides music for cultural events at the regional level, provides musical equipment, works to replenish the Center’s music library, distributes sound cassettes with recordings of musical works among rural clubs, holds contests and festivals at the republican level.
5. Department "Equipping with technical equipment" - is responsible for providing cultural events on the stage with equipment, light, sound, control over the provision of events held in the area with lighting effects in order to provide paid services, as well as at the request of other organizations, the assembly and installation, repair of the mobile stage. The Department organizes the activities of departments at the proper level.
6. The sector “Storage and propaganda of cinema, video films” provides video services and movie rental to residents of the region with cinema and video services and promotes cinema. It develops uniform rules and technical standards for the use of film and video installations in places of cultural and entertainment events, along with this it organizes film screenings.
7. "Traditional art." In order to preserve national traditions, customs, rituals and holidays, it promotes and revives the traditional genres of folk art (zhyr-terme). It revives the schools of song art of the land of Cheese, organizes master classes for training young people at a professional level, and selects young people to further enhance their professionalism. Collects biographical data of representatives of traditional folk songwriting - zhyrau, prepares participants for speaking at international, republican contests, festivals.
There are 4 folk groups and amateur art groups operating at the Center: folk song and dance ensembles “Syr Suluy” and “Nurgul”, folk photo studio, folk film studio, music studio, and children's studio.
A well-known composer in the republic, an honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, scholar of the region akim of 1998 Ramazan Taimanov is working in the Center. In 2002-2014, Shakhmardan Abdykalykov, a member of the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan, scholar of the region akim in 2002, worked here.
The creative career of the famous singer Gulnur Orazymbetova, who won III place at the Asia Dauysy International Competition, winner of the Grand Prix of the Zhas Kanat republican competition, began with work in this Center. The author of the song “Korkyt-Kobyz”, which brought success to Orazymbetova, is R. Taimanov and the art director Ontalap Nurmakhanov, who is now the director of the Philharmonic.
Our talented young performers have achieved great success. At the republican contest of young performers “Zhas Kanat” held in Astana, Ruslan Sadykov won IIplace, and Nurbolat Seitmuratov won III place.
The children's studio created at the Center is led by the Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Karakoz Akdauletova. The talented children involved under her leadership participated in the national television contests of children's creativity “Anshi Balapan”, “Boztorgai”, “Ainalaiyn”, “Aigulek”, as well as in international competitions and festivals, where they won the sympathy of the audience with their unique art. Audience halls of Estonia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, France, Turkey met small stars with ovations.
Fans of art are familiar with the traditional song art of the land of Cheese (zhyrau) not only in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Sakha, France, Italy, Switzerland, Monolia, but also far beyond the ocean - in Japan, America.
Famous in the republic of zhyrau, art critic Almas Almatov participated in an international conference in London, and together with zhyrau from Aral Rysbek Ashimov performed at a folklore festival held in the United States, where their voices were recorded on the Golden Disc.
Akyn improvisers Abilkhair Syzdykov and Kenzhebai Zhusipov became winners of international aitys. At present, the talented young akyns Mukhtar Niyazov, Nurmat Mansurov, Erkin Sadykuly, Erzhenis Abdiev, Orazkhan Seilkhanuly, Meirbek Sultankhan, Moldir Aitbai, who received appreciation in the republic, have become the pride of the team.
Material and technical base
The center is equipped with high-quality sound and lighting equipment that meets modern requirements. “Dinakord” sound amplifier, LED-display screen provide high-quality cultural events not only in concert halls, but also in central squares, stadiums. The lighting effects of the latest samples, equipment that creates the effect of steam, fireworks make it possible to successfully conduct show programs and at the same time ensure the successful design of show programs. The building was overhauled. Workrooms are decorated with modern office furniture, equipped with the necessary office equipment.
MANDIPOV Sabit Kurmangalievich
He was born on February 7 1957 in Omsk city. In 1990-1994 he studied at the Tchaikovsky School of Music in the orchestra class in the flute department, in 1994-1998 he graduated from the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory with a degree in orchestra artist, flute performer. He was awarded the “Cultural figure” by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the State Fund for Culture and Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
He began his career by working in 1982-1985 as an artist of Dosmukhasan band in the "Kazakh Concert", In 1985-1989 - Almaty Regional Philharmonic, head of Argas pop group, In 1999-2000 - Ministry of Culture of the RK, Assistant Minister. In 2000-2001 - General Director of the Directorate of Republican and Cultural Programs under the Ministry of Culture of the RK, in 2001-2002 - Manager of «Kazakhstan» TR RK, in 2002-2009 - Director of the Suyunbai  Almaty Regional Philharmonic, in 2012-2016 - artistic director and advisor to the rector of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University, in 2016-2018 - director of the Zh. Shanin Shymkent Academic Kazakh Theater . Since October 2018, he has been the head of the Kyzylorda Regional Center for the Development of Folk Art and Cultural Production activities of the Regional Management of Culture, Archives and Documentation.


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