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Information on public procurement for 2018
In 2018, in the region 2172 tenders and auctions were organized for a total amount of KZT 77 billion 668 million, which compared with the previous period increased by 35 units (2017-2137 - 74 billion 533 million).
The amount of savings in the comparative period increased from KZT 5 billion 457 million to KZT 5 billion 536 million, out of which the purchase of goods - 590 (11 billion 275 million), public procurement of works - 836 (62 billion 240 million) and the purchase of services provided - 746 (4 billion 152 million).
In this regard, the single organizer for the region by the Public Procurement Management of Kyzylorda region held 325 purchases for a total of KZT 40 billion 483 million, which compared with last year showed an increase of 79 units or 25% (2017-246 - 51 billion 823 million).
One of the main tasks in the Address of the Head of State "Growing welfare of Kazakh citizens: increase in incomes and quality of life" defines the state apparatus that meets the needs of citizens. In this regard, government procurement is fully automated, open and public, given the opportunity to get acquainted with any interested person.
As you know the Public Procurement Management was created as one of the first in the republic, the opening of public procurement departments was also among the first, and from 2018 city and district public procurement departments began their work (they carried out 646 procurements totaling KZT 23 billion 986 million.).

Information on public procurement for 2016
In 2016 the Management of State Procurement carried out the following work:
Main activities and directions for the future:
In 2016 the Management announced 61 tenders for the total amount of KZT 21 billion 633 million (excluding VAT) as the organizer of state purchases. The achieved budget savings amounted to KZT 1 billion 541 million.
For supervising in 2016, the employees of the administration took part in 44 competitive commissions for the amount of state procurement of KZT 5 billion 122 million with the achieved budget savings of KZT 226 million 
Of them:
1) the provision of services:
- 6 tenders for a total of KZT 70 million (VAT excluded) were announced as the organizer. Savings of budget funds in the amount of KZT 8.3 million were achieved
2) performance of works:
- as an organizer, 55 tenders for a total amount of state purchases of KZT 21 billion 563 million were announced with savings of budget funds in the amount of KZT 1 billion 533 million 
Within the framework of curatorial procurement:
1) rendering of services: 4 competitions for the amount of KZT 19 million 
2) performance of works: 39 competitions for the amount of KZT 5 billion 094 million 
3) purchase of goods: 1 tender for the amount of KZT 9 million

The State procurement system provides a single point of access to electronic services in state procurement and allows participation in state procurement as a customer, organizer and supplier from any computer connected to the Internet. The information placed on the state procurement portal is provided free of charge, in accordance with the Law "On languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan" (art. 10, art. 15), information posted on the web portal of electronic state procurement is subject to mandatory publication both at the state, and in Russian. In case of revealing the facts of violations of the Law "On Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan", users of the electronic state procurement system will be held liable in accordance with the current legislation.

Public procurement portal
To participate in e-government procurement requires:
If necessary, use additional software to obtain an electronic certificate.


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