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On the work done by the Kyzylorda region branch of "Nur Otan" Party
for the first half of 2017
Today the party "Nur Otan" is the main political force on which lies responsibility for the implementation of the policy of the Head of our State. We, as representatives of the leading People's Party, are guided by the provisions on responsibility and accountability, we intensify and implement concrete measures to work with different social groups of the population.
For example, for the purpose of propaganda and explanation of the Constitutional reform and the Addresses of the Head of State, as well as the program article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev's "The Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Conscience" 12 outreach groups were formed from the pool of speakers and activists of the party. They organized and conducted more than 1,700 events, which covered over 160,000 citizens.
The ideological tasks of the party include the unification of society, the improvement of the social position of the people, the further development of our country. In connection with the above-mentioned tasks, in order to support socially unprotected strata of the population and solve social problems in the region, 491 events of various levels were carried out within the framework of 7 party projects for 6 months, which covered 10853 inhabitants of the region.
If we go to specific examples, it can be noted that within the framework of the project "Happy Family-Happy Childhood" was assisted a resident of Abai village Kambat Tazhiyeva, who was left homeless as a result of the fire. The affected family received assistance in the form of building materials for the construction of a two-room house, and also in the form of food. The family of a resident of Syrdarya region, who works as a traveler for the Kyzylorda track, Abay Abdraev, received financial assistance in the amount of more than 2 million tenge, as well as assistance with building materials and food products. Currently, construction work is underway.
In the framework of the project "Kedergisiz keleshek" (Future without barriers), a financial support was rendered to a disabled person of the 3rd group, a pupil of the 8th grade of school # 6 for hard of hearing children of Kyzylorda city Oralbai Aidane. Thanks to this support, she was able to become a participant of the festival, which was held in the city of St. Petersburg, and demonstrate their creativity there.
According to the results of two quarters of the year, 153 events were held on the project "Kedergisiz keleshek" (Future without barriers).
Since the beginning of the year 114 citizens with limited physical abilities have applied to the public reception of the regional branch of the party. 66% of the applications received a satisfactory solution.
The party control inspection carries out systematic raids aimed at revealing the extent to which conditions have been created in various institutions and public places for people with physical disabilities to visit them.
Of the 114 institutions, only 56 meet these requirements, so the raids continue.
The work on the implementation of the project "Satti Qadam" is continuing. To implement the project at the proper level, the working group, created from among employees of state institutions and educational organizations, as well as representatives of youth organizations, held 3 meetings according to the work plan approved by the chairman of the regional branch of the party. Work is being done with graduates who have passed the documents and got into a special base. For rapid response and strengthening of communication with alumni, in order that candidates could ask questions and receive answers, exchange opinions, at district, city and provincial levels, based on the WhatsApp messenger, 9 groups were created to monitor the situation.
In the framework of the "Sybailas zhemkorlyksyz el-orkendeushi el" project (Country without corruption - a prosperous country), 175 events were held in all regional and local branches. The Public Council for Combating Corruption at the branch office of the party is constantly working according to the work plan approved by the regional branch of the party. The result of systematic and systematic work is that no violations of the Party member ethics code have been revealed in the first half of the year.
With the goal of preventing corruption-related offenses and combating corruption in any form, a mobile group was created in conjunction with the regional department of the Kyzylorda region of the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, whose motto was the call "Parasyz bolashakka-birge!" (For the future without bribes). This mobile group conducted 83 events at various levels, in which about 15,000 people took part.
On the work of public reception.
During the reporting period, 1976 applications were received by public reception offices of the party's branches from the population, 21.2% of these applications received a positive decision. This is 4% higher than in the same period last year.
Scheduled for half a year receptions are executed as follows: receptions of akim of city and akims of districts - 78%; deputy akims - 105%; receptions of heads of state institutions and organizations - 96%; receptions by law enforcement agencies - 105%; receptions of deputies of local maslikhats-94%.
To implement the directions of the pre-election program of the party "Kazakhstan 2021: Birlik. Turaktylyk. Zhasampazdyk. (Kazakhstan 2021: Unity, Stability, Creation.) 7 commissions were formed from among the deputies of the regional maslikhat, representatives of state organizations and institutions, faction deputies, representatives of the creative and learned intelligentsia, external experts and representatives of the non-state sector.
At the present time, 15 meetings of commissions on health care, employment of the population, support of socially unprotected layers of the population, development of technologies, industrial development, public service, agrarian sector and education were held. Appropriate decisions were made.
All activities of the regional branch of the party are covered in the national and local media. To date, 760 materials have been published and covered in newspapers and TV shows.
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