On January 21-22 tournament on mini-football among the staff of state authorities and the oil companies, devoted to the 20 anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan took placein "Petro Kazakhstan" sport center .

The head of oblast management of tourism, physical culture and sport Sadyk Mustafayev and the vice-president of JSC Petrokazakhstan Kumkol Resources Chen Da Yu made a speech at opening of tournament. Representatives of JSC Petrokazakhstan Kumkol Resources, PLL KazGerMunai LLP, JSC Turgai Petroleum, akimat of Kyzylorda oblast, Tax department, treasury and department department took part in tournament on emergency situations  .

JSC Turgai Petroleum team won the main trophy of tournament - the Cup and the first place , the second - JSC Petrokazakhstan Kumkol Resorsiz, and the third - the oblast akimat.

Winners are awarded by medals, diplomas and gifts.

Tournament in memory of Nikolay Shindin

From February 2 to February 5 of the current year in Kyzylorda, in the sports Seykhun complex Korkyt ata Kyzylorda State University passed republican tournament among men in memory of the deserved trainer of RK on volleyball, professor Nikolay Shindin. This year these competitions were carried out the sixth time. The whole three days revealed the strongest volleyball teams from Aktobe, South Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda and Baykonyr city – only six teams and about 90 athletes.

Following the results of tournament the first place was occupied by team «Korkyt ata KSU » "Dikhan" score 3:0 from Kyzylorda oblast. On the fourth place – the youth national team of Kyzylorda oblast.

Winners in the nominations became - «The best player» - Askhat Omirbayev (KGU team) «, the best forward» - Akniyet Ibrayev (Dikhan team), is recognized as the youngest player Ramazan Zhaksybay from the youth modular Kyzylorda, the most useful player – Zhasulan Ahmetov from Baykonyr. Galymzhan Abdraimov from the Zhanakorgan region is recognized as the most fair judge, for merits in sports  Bolat Rysmakhan from the Syr-Darya region received the nomination.

Winners, prize-winners and nominees were awarded by diplomas and valuable prizes of oblast management of tourism, physical culture and sports, and also a cup, medals and valuable prizes from Korkyt ata KSU.

Tournament on basketball on prizes of the company of joint-stock company «Petro Kazakhstan Kumkol Resorsiz» has taken place

From March, 28th till April, 5th in Kyzylorda there has passed traditional open superiority on basketball among schoolboys on prizes of the company of joint-stock company «Petro Kazakhstan Kumkol Resorsiz». Teams from the cities of Hromtau, Baikonur, and also from the Aral, Shiely, Zhanakorgan regions and boarding school №1 named after Makarenko, secondary schools № 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, and 198 of Kyzylorda have taken part in organized tournament.

By results of competitions the first place among girls the command of the Shiely region has occupied, the second – school-lycée for exceptional children of "Murager" №2, the third – secondary school № 198.

And among boys of a place were distributed as follows: on the first place a team of school-lycée for exceptional children "Murager" №2, on the second – secondary school №9, the third prize-winning places at Shiely region.

In various nominations have been recognized by leaders: «the Best player» -

Vladislav Posashkov (Kyzylorda), Galina Zhanaeva (Shiely), Aida Moldahmetzhan (Zhanakorgan), «the Best judge» - Altynbek Zhusipov (Kyzylorda), Dilyara Musaeva (Zhanakorgan), Nurlan Daukenov (Kyzylorda), Oleg Kim (Kyzylorda), Alexander Zhavzmagin (Kyzylorda), «the Best trainer» - Alexey Kogai (Shiely), and Oleg Kim, Alexander Zhavzmagin, Irina Jungkind from Kyzylorda city.

Winners and prize-winners of competitions have been awarded by diplomas of oblast management of tourism, physical training and sports, and they received cups and valuable prizes from joint-stock company "PKKR".

Tournament «No drugs!» have started

The present pupil, and in the future – the student, the professional expert should become expert. It is indisputable. And to reach such heights, first of all the person should be strong both a body, and soul. And in this plan the role of educational process, including instilling of youth of a healthy lifestyle is high.

Last week for these purposes the oblast management of tourism, physical culture and sport in sport center "Eurasia" held traditional competitions among comprehensive schools «Evereybody starts !» within an action «No drugs!» .

It have passed already in the 16th time, these competitions involved children from 10 teams of seven regions of the oblast and Kyzylorda city, in total about 230 participants. 4 relay races with participation of teams of three schools of the oblast center (No. 23, 235, 264) and seven regional (No. 260 of the Aral region, 266 – Kazaly, 34 – Zhalagash, 126 – Syrdarya, 250 – Karmakshy, 156 – Shiyely and 239 – Zhanakorgan regions) were carried out.

The head of oblast management of tourism, physical culture and sport Sadyk Mustafayev  opened competition.

The teams which have taken places with first on fifth, were awarded by cups, diplomas and valuable prizes from oblast management of tourism, physical culture and sport.

Results of competitions:

1 place - Secondary scholl No. 23 (Kyzylorda city)

2 place - Secondary scholl  No. 260 (The Aral region)

3 place – Secondary scholl  No. 264 (Kyzylorda city)

4 place – Secondary scholl  No. 235 (Kyzylorda city)

5 place - Secondary scholl No. 34 (Zhalagash region)

Memories of the soldier internationalist

From April 14 to April 15 in sport center "Eurasia" there has passed open championship in a football of memory of soldier internationalist Batyrzhan Shalgynbayev, organized by oblast management of tourism, physical culture and sport, oblast federation of football and fund named after B. Shalgynbayev. This year traditional tournament was carried out already in the 16th time and collected teams from South Kazakhstan, Baikonur, Kyzylorda, Kazaly and Zhanakorgan region, only 24, or 240 athletes.

The purpose of it and the previous tournaments – to honor memory of the soldier - the internationalist, healthy lifestyle promotion among youth, increase of sports skill of children.

Following the results of tournament the first place the Power engineering specialist team from Baikonur occupied, the second – "Dynamo" and the third – "Border" (both from Kyzylorda).

In the nomination «Best defender» celebrated Galymzhan Ayzhigitova (Dynamo), «The best goalkeeper» - Aslan Zhusipov ( from Baikonur), «The best forward» - Talgat Adzhanov (Power engineering specialist), «The best adherent of football» - Erken Ismailov (Shekar), «The best judge» - Serik Zhappasbayev (Kyzylorda).

Football tournament among young men on prizes « COCA COLA - LEATHER BALL» came to the end with

From April 16 to April 19 in Kyzylorda passed football tournament among young men of 1997-1998 year of birth of a season of 2011-2012 on a prize «COCA COLA –LEATHER BALL».

8 teams, only 150 athletes took part in competitions. The purpose of this tournament – healthy lifestyle promotion among young men, a raising of prestige of such game, as football, involvement of children in regular sports, identification of the best team and its sending on decisive matches of republican level.

Football tournament is carried out on three age categories and is divided into three stages.

The first stage passed among schools and was carried out in September-October of last year. The second stage captured city and regional competitions and passed during the period from October to November, 2011.

Following the results of the second stage of tournament the first place the team No. 10 of the Kyzylorda city occupied the second –No. 234 of the Kazaly region and the third –No. 34 of the Zhalagash region.

The won national team will go to Taraz for participation in republican competition which will pass from May 15 to May 20. Winner of this tournament will go to Spain, to the Madrid city, in four-day tourist travel.

And for children of 1999-2000 year of birth solving duels will pass from May 1 to May 6 in the Kazaly region, and for those who was born in 2001-2002, competitions will take place from May 15 to May 20 in the Shiely region.

On the nominations the best became: «The best goalkeeper» - Ruslan Kartanbek from Zhalagash, «The best player» - Zhanbolat Zhumabek from Kyzylorda, «The best forward» - Alim Tanirbergenov from the Kazaly region, «The best defender» - Aliaskar Ontalap from the Aral region and «The best halfback» - Bauyrzhan Altynbekov from the oblast center.

The international memorial on fight of sambo in memory of T.Komekbayev

The international memorial named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Taiymbet Komekbayev on sambo passed in Zhosaly settlement of the Karmakshy region. He is led here 17 years in a row and involved athletes from such countries, as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and also Almaty, Astana and all oblasts of Kazakhstan. In total participated in competitions of 22 teams. Fights were carried out on 9 weight categories (52, 57, 62, 68, 74, 82, 90, 100, +100 kg).

The oblast akim Bolatbek Kuandykov has opened the international tournament and wished successes to athletes.

The deserved trainer of RK on sambo, free-style wrestling and the Kazakh kures, the president of federation of sambo of RK and Asia, the head of department of tourism, physical culture and sport of the West Kazakhstan oblast Muslim Ondaganov handed over letters of thanks to the head of Kyzylorda oblast sports department Sadyk Mustafayev and the son of the Hero B. Taiymbetova. Besides, special cups are handed over to guests of honor of a memorial.

This tournament was carried out in the beginning as republican, then for more than 10 years has the status international and opened many new talented fighters, having become for them a step in big-time sports.

Winners of a memorial:

52 kg: Baurzhan Raysov (Karmakshy)

62 kg: Kayrat Zhalgasbayev (Karmakshy)

82 kg: Yerzhan Abdullaev (Karmakshy) 

90 kg: Zhasulan Dosymov (Karmakshy) 

2 place:

 57 kg: Askhat Pirmanov (Karmakshy)

82 kg: Almat Taybagarov (Karmakshy)

3 place:

57 kg: Kuanysh Tatimbetov (Кармакшы)

57 kg: Abay Abishov (Kyzylorda)

62 келі: Darhan Serzhanov (Baykonyr)

62 kg: Galymzhan Abdirakhmanov (Karmakshy)

68 kg: Maksat Nuraliyev (Baykonyr)

68 kg: Mukhtar Seylov (Baykonyr)

82 kg: To Mereka Mukhtayev (Kyzylorda)

82 kg: Batyr Mukhtayev (Kyzylorda)

+100 kg: Nursultan Altynbekov (Karmakshy)

Tournament on the "Kazakh kuresi" in memory of M. Kalmakhanov

On May 7-8 in the Karamakshy region, the III International passed tournament in memory of the veteran of the Great Patriotic War Musakhan Kalmakhanov in village among young men of 1997-1998 year of birth.

Athletes tfrom Baykonyr, Kyzylorda and regions of the oblast, only 150 fighters from 12 teamsook part in it . Fights were carried out on 10 weight categories. It should be noted that this tournament was carried out this year for the first time.

Following the results of tournament the first places in the weight categories borrowed:  fighter Nazbek Kenshilik (35 kg) from Zhalagash,  Alzhan Amankeldi (38 kg) from Karmakshy. Nurzhan Musakhan (Zhalagash region) took priority in weight of 42 kg, Arman Zhalgasbekuly (Karmakshy) in weight of 46 kg.

 Meyrzhan Maratov from Karmakshy also won first place in weight of 50 kg. To Galym Tuyakbayev there were no 55 kg equal in weight, also as well as to Rahman Abdrashita in weight of 60 kg.

 Kayrat Balgabay from Shiely rose by the highest step of a podium in weight of 66 kg, also as well as Nurzhan Nurlanov in weight of 73 kg. In weight of +73 kg Ayazbek Shukir from Kyzylorda became the first.

On tournament competition among juniors on a rank «Tue paluan» was organized. Maksat Isakabylov received this rank.

Also in competitions among adults in weight of 70 kg the first place got to Ruslan Eybov, in weight of +70 kg Dunaydar Nufarov became the champion.

Winners and prize-winners are awarded by medals, diplomas and valuable presents.


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