Municipal State-owned enterprise «The A. Tazhibaev Kyzylorda Regional Universal Scientific Library»

of the Management of Culture, Archives and Documentation of Kyzylorda region”

Address: 120008, Kyzylorda, Abay Avenue, w/n
Director of the library is Myrzamuratova Nurzhamal Ahmetkalievna
Phone/fax: 8(7242) 23-14-20, 8(7242) 23-14-16
Deputy Director is Myrzakhmetova Bakytnur Tanirbergenovna
Phone: (7242) 40-02-98
The A. Tazhibaev Regional Universal Scientific Library is a methodological and coordinating center for libraries of the region, one of the oldest libraries in the republic.
In 1867, a county library was founded in Perovsk city. From 1917 to 1938, the former county library began to be called the city public library. In 1938, the Kyzylorda region was formed, in connection with this, the city library was transformed into the regional library named after M. Gorkyi.
By the Decree of the Government of the RK dated April 21, 1999 "On the naming and renaming of educational and cultural institutions of the RK" the Regional Universal Scientific Library was named after the national writer of Kazakhstan Abdilda Tazhibaev. In November 2009, the library moved to new model building.
Today, the regional library is the largest keeper of information resources in the region. The documents available in the fund can be provided to any user without age, educational and social restrictions.
The total area of the building is 8353 square meters. The library building has three main floors, additionally basement and technical floors.
The library has 8 departments and 7 sectors.
Main activities:
1) replenishes and updates the funds with information resources, in order to obtain new knowledge to increase the social, civil and professional activity of society, taking into account the national and age composition of readers and their requests;
2) provides accounting, storage and maximum use of the fund, conducts sanitary-hygienic and restoration work;
3) organizes differentiated library services for readers (adults and children), taking into account their age and socio-psychological characteristics, interests and needs;
4) provides methodological and practical assistance to regional libraries with field visits, helps to improve forms and methods of working with readers and promoting the book;
5) identifies, studies and summarizes best practices, implements them in library practice;
6) carries out the preparation and publication of methodological, informational and bibliographic materials both independently and with other libraries of the region;
7) makes copies from all types of media, formats, standards and processes them;
8) organize field information and exhibition events;
9) provides Internet services on the basis of an agreement with a telecom operator;
10) carries out electronic delivery of documents, search and compilation of thematic information;
11) conducts excursion services, photo and video shooting;
12) implements educational and methodological literature and other manuals published by the library;
13) conducts independent research in the library sphere, participates in republican scientific research, implements the research results in the activities of libraries;
14) conducts, both independently and in coordination with other institutions and organizations, scientific and practical conferences, seminars, workshops, and further training on the introduction of new information technologies;
15) participates in the activities of the interagency library council;
16) creates a library readership and organizes its work;
17) in accordance with applicable regulatory documents, establishes and applies measures to compensate for damage caused by users who violate the rules for using the library.
Myrzamuratova Nurzhamal Akhmetkalievna was born on February 16 1960 in Kyzylorda city.
In 1983 she graduated from the philological faculty of the S.M. Kirov Kazakh State University. She began her career as a teacher of eight-year school No. 115 of Zhalagash district.
Then he was an executive officer of the district committee of the party, the Council of People’s Deputies, the administration of akim of Zhalagash district and Kyzylorda city.
From 2002 to 2009 she was the director of the Kyzylorda Regional Historical Museum of Local Lore.
Since May 2009 he has been working as the director of the A.Tazhibaev Regional Universal Scientific Library.



Municipal State-owned enterprise «Kyzylorda Regional Specialized Library for the Blind and Visually Impaired”

of the Management of Culture, Archives and Documentation of Kyzylorda Region»

Address: 120008, Kyzylorda, Zhurgenov street, 64-A.
Tel / fax: 23-38-56.
Working time: 09: 00-13: 00, 15: 00-19: 00 Day-off: Saturday, Sunday
The regional library for the blind and visually impaired was founded in 1967. The number of disabled people registered in the Kazakh Society of the Blind is 1226.
In 2010, KZT 34,000.0 was allocated from the regional budget for the purchase of a new building for the library. On October 13 of this year, the library completely moved to a new 2-story building on 64-A Zhurgenov street. The total area of the library is 222 square meters. The library is provided with all techniques for working with the blind. On the ground floor of the library there is a subscription and a reading room with 32 seats. On the second floor is the office of the director, accountant and organizational department. The book storage department is located in the courtyard of the library.
The institution’s function:
1. The purpose of the activity of a state institution is to provide a book fund in the form of a point-and-dot, voiced and flat-printed book for use by the visually impaired, family members, and students of a boarding school for visually impaired children.
2. In order to achieve the goal, a state institution carries out the following activities:
1) the formation, storage and provision for use of literature with a relief-dotted font, voiced books, documents on tiflology, periodicals;
2) propaganda of the development of culture, language and art of the peoples inhabiting the territory of Kazakhstan;
3) the wide distribution of literature on typhology among blind and visually impaired citizens;
4) satisfying readers' requests with the literature of relief dot, flat print, electronic and voice-over, as well as other materials from the library stock;
5) participation in international and national conferences on library services for the visually impaired;
6) the acquisition, processing of the book fund and their disclosure through a system of catalogs and file cabinets;
7) accounting, storage, maximum use of the book fund and conducts sanitary-hygienic, restoration work;
8) in order to replenish the book fund of the library, it issues voiced books;
9) reference, bibliographic and information services for readers of libraries, as well as enterprises and organizations involved in the rehabilitation of the visually impaired;
10) satisfaction of readers' requests through the reading room, subscription, interlibrary, home subscription and out-of-hospital services in the regions of the region;
11) the organization of cultural events with the participation of labor collectives of enterprises and organizations of the visually impaired;
12) studies and analyzes the state of the library services for the visually impaired, gives suggestions for its improvement;
13) in accordance with applicable regulatory documents, establishes and applies compensation measures for damage caused by users who violate the rules for using the library;
14) the creation of a library reader’s asset and organizes its work;
15) development and continuous improvement of the material and technical base of the library;
It is prohibited for a state institution to carry out activities, as well as to make transactions that do not meet the subject and goals of its activities, as set forth in the Regulation.
Aldongarova Raisa Aldiyarovna was born on April 1 1961 in Kyzylorda city.
1982 - 1987 she studied at the Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute.,
1989 - 1994 she worked as a teacher.
1994 - 2010 she was teacher and librarian at school
Since February 1 2010 he has been working as the director of the Regional Library for the blind and visually impaired.
In 2012 graduated from Bolashak University with a degree in Librarianship.


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