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Investment potential of the region
In the long term (in the next 10 years) the socio-economic development of the region will be based on the development of five promising sectors:
First, considering the natural features of the region and the fact that the region is rich in minerals, the further development of the mining industry. Basically, the region is rich in sources of minerals such as baths, uranium, lead, zinc and others. For the development of deposits, work will continue on the implementation of projects:
- "Construction of an enrichment plant and expansion of the Shalkiya mine with an annual capacity of 4 million tonnes of lead-zinc ore" - initiator of "Shalkiya Zinc" LLP. The project cost is KZT 165 billion, jobs - 1540. The total ore reserves in the Shalkiya field amounted to about 265 million tons of ore with a zinc content in it of more than 8.5 million tons and lead more than 2 million tons. And also the content of rare-earth metals in the mined ore.
-Expansion of the processing of tuberous ores - LLP "Balausa processing company." The cost of the project is KZT 35.0 billion, new jobs - 649. Implementation period: 2012-2018. At the moment, the first stage of the project has been implemented.
-Construction of a mining and processing plant on the basis of loose titanium-zirconium deposit Ak-Espe in Kyzylorda region - "Zhak Nur" LLP. The project cost is KZT 3.3 billion, new jobs are 800. In the current time it is planned to hold negotiations with investors.
The basis for the development of the industry are rich deposits of zinc, lead, uranium, vanadium and other minerals.
Second, through the processing of local minerals, the development of an industry for the production of building materials is envisaged.
In this direction it is planned to implement the following projects:
-Project "Construction of a plant for production and processing of sheet glass with a capacity of 197,100 tons / year" - project cost-KZT 36.7 billion, jobs - 226;
-Project "Construction of a cement plant" LLP "Gejuba Shieli Cement". The cost of the project is KZT 64 billion, jobs - 260.
-Project "Construction of limy plant" LLP "Shielitas Ontustik". The cost of the project is KZT 602.0 million.
In addition, in all areas of the region, the development of all branches of the construction industry is in full swing. For inclusion in the industrialization map, various projects have been proposed, such as the production of ceramic brick, facing brick, gas blocks, sand blocks.
Third, in order to ensure food security, it is necessary to further develop the agro-industrial complex that is traditional for our region. In this direction the following projects will be implemented:
-Project "Construction of industrial automated greenhouse complex" LLP "Higher Agrarian League". The cost of the project is KZT 987.5 million, jobs - 35
-Project "Creation of multifunctional storage of agricultural products" LLP "Senim-Tabigat". The cost of the project is KZT 500.0 million, jobs - 33.
-Project "Creation of a modern dairy-commodity farm" of the "Dzhumabekov SA" CHP. The cost of the project is KZT 4.5 billion, jobs - 154.
-Project "Factory for production of tomato paste in Kyzylorda region" LLP "Kyzylorda AGROPlus". The cost of the project is KZT 4.0 billion, jobs - 154.
- Project "Beginning of construction of the Meat Processing Plant" by "Syr Marzhan" LLP. The cost of the project is KZT 832.5 million, jobs-30.
In addition, the region is replenished with investment projects in such areas as breeding ostriches for obtaining ostrich meat and eggs, breeding valuable goats for production of wool and meat, and production of sunflower oil.
Fourth, in order to improve productivity in the region, there are 8 industrial zones. Currently, six industrial zones are functioning, and two of them have been assigned tasks to responsible departments, and funds have also been allocated for the creation of infrastructure.
940.9 hectares of land were allocated for the creation of industrial zones. To date, 202.55 hectares of land (22.5%) have been developed from the allocated land for 36 projects with a total cost of KZT 192.2 billion.
At present, to fill the free land plots with investment projects, work is underway to provide assistance in accordance with the GPIIIR.
Fifth, In order to attract investment in the region from 2013 to 2017, 9 investment forums "Baikonyr Invest" were held.
The forum was attended by Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs G. Ye. Koishybayev, akim of the Novo-Fisk Region, the Republic of Uzbekistan K.B. Tursunov, as well as representatives of the international financial institution, business representatives and more than 400 participants.
During the forum, a plenary meeting consisting of 5 sections was organized.


Potential of development of the region


In long-term prospect (in the next 10 years) social and economic development of the region will be based on development of 5 long-range branches:

The first, considering natural features of the region and that the oblast is rich with minerals further development of the mining industry of branch.

Works on implementation of projects will be for this purpose continued:

- "Construction of concentrating factory and expansion of mine of Shalkiya with annual production of 4 million tonn zinc-lead rate" - the initiator "Shalkiya Tsink" LLP (project cost – KZT 43,5 billion, workplaces - 2000).

The general stocks of ore on Shalky's field made about 265 million tons of ore with the tenor of zinc in it more than 8,5 million tons and lead more than 2 million tons, and also the tenor in extracted ores of rare-land metals.

- expansion of production on processing of vanadic ores – "Firm Balausa" LLP; Project Cost – KZT 35,0 billion, new workplaces – 649. Realization period 2012-2018. At present the 1st stage of the project is realized.

- organization of production on processing titan-and ferriferous ores;

- extraction of rare-land metals.

Basis for development of branch are rich deposits of zinc, lead, uranium, vanadium and other minerals.


The second, by processing of local minerals is provided development of branch of production of construction materials.

In this direction it is planned to realize the following projects:

- "Construction of glass factory in Kyzylorda city" - the initiator of JSC "SPK Kyzylorda" (project cost – KZT 27,0 billion, workplaces - 1000);

- "Construction of factory on production of cement power is 500 thousand tons per year". Project cost – KZT 7500,0 billion.

- "Mining and processing works construction for dry enrichment of quartz sand" - the initiator of the project of "Firm Dana" LLP (project cost - KZT 4,5 billion);

- "Construction of limy factory" – the initiator of the project of "Shielytasontustik" LLP (project cost - KZT 570,0 million);

- organization of production on delivering of dry construction mixes;

- plant on production of a foamglass (processing of waste).

One of the perspective directions of application of a foamglass is warming nuclear and thermal power plants.

Foamglass in the nuclear industry is considered an irreplaceable heater, thanks to the durability, fire resistance and water-proof properties.

- "Construction of cement factory, 500 thousand tons per year" - the initiator "Syr Tsementy" LLP (project cost – KZT 7,5 billion).

For development of this branch there are all preconditions:

- increase in requirements for construction materials at implementation of the "Housing — 2020" program and when building the private sector;

- sufficient stocks of minerals: on limestone more than 120 million tons, on quartz sand – about 70 million tons, etc.


The third, for ensuring food security is necessary further development of agro-industrial complex traditional for our region, including development of a fish cluster.

In this direction the following projects will be realized:

 - "Construction of poultry farm with a power of 6000 tons of fowl" - the initiator SPK "Kyzylorda" with attraction of investments of private business (project cost – KZT 4,5 billion, workplaces - 413);

- "Providing food supply for poultry farm" - the initiator SPK "Kyzylorda" with attraction of investments of private business;

- "Expansion of a dairy and commodity farm with finishing of a livestock of cattle from 660 heads to 1200 heads" - the initiator of the project JSC "RZA";

- productions on processing of vegetables and fruit (juice, tomato pastes, conservation of vegetables, etc.);

- organization of new large feedlots, farms of loud-speakers of the meat direction.

- The organization of hothouse complexes, including development of greenhouses using the reduced the price electricity of "Vitriolic plant" "SKZ-U" LLP realized in Zhanakorgan region. Also, construction of hothouse complexes in Baikonur city.

Also in development of a fish cluster it is planned:

 - carrying out biotechnical actions for preservation of rare and valuable species of fish in the Aral region;

- expansion of fish production of fish processing plant "Atamekenrybprom" LLP;

- the organization of production on delivering of fish meal – the initiator of the project PA "Bakhyt";

- the organization of production on cultivation of shrimps – the initiator "ZherAna-group" LLP;

 - complex on production of fish semi-finished products;

- mini-plant on production of container for transportation of fish production.


The fourth, considering that the most extended part of the highway "Western Europe – Western China" passes through the territory of our region creation of a tourist cluster is planned.

Realization of a number of projects is for this purpose provided:

- "Construction of the Center of pilgrimage on the "Korkyt Ata" complex - the initiator "Dorstroy" LLP;

- "A recreation area on the lake Kambash";

- The project "Space Harbour" in Baikonur city.

Also, along the highway placement of three large transport and logistic centers with roadside infrastructure is supposed.


The fifth, the solution of questions energy security planned to realization of production objects and requirements of the population.

In this direction implementation of such projects is planned:

- "CHPP-2 construction" - on the basis of state-private partnership, through SPK "Kyzylorda" with attraction of investments of private business (project cost – about KZT 30-35 billion)

- "Aryskum — Zhosaly" gas pipeline construction

- "UPG-3 construction" on the Akshabulak field.


Now preconditions for implementation of perspective projects in the region are put, the relevant documents prepare, research works are conducted.

Implementation of these projects in turn will make an essential contribution to development of economy of oblast.

Round large productions small and medium business will develop, thousands new workplaces will be created, tax revenues will increase.

Also, for attraction of an investment and creation of favorable investment climate works on creation of an industrial zone are conducted. Now the ground is allocated for 760 hectares, the necessary engineering infrastructure is brought.

Realization of these actions will allow to increase interest of potential investors for an investment of an investment into the region, will give a powerful impulse to further development of the industry and will form a basis for the high-quality growth of economy, and also to improvement of welfare of the population.

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