Assessment of a socio-political situation and process of its development

The internal policy pursued by the President of the country is directed on improvement of economic and social situation of all citizens of our state, plus to it, the policy of the country leaders is directed on preservation and strengthening of an ethnic variety, the interfaith relations, formations of the favorable environment for realization of a free choice of each individual.

The most actual problems of the social sphere and main questions of development of social infrastructure.

• The main problem questions of Kyzylorda oblast revealed during the last opinion polls:

- untimely payment of salaries and their low level (7,6%);

- low level of service in the health care sphere (23,3%);

- corruption in education and medicine (23,3%);

- unemployment (40,6%);

- inaccessibility of land plots to construction of private households (19,6%);

- gasification of settlements (14, %);

- roads of internal using of settlements (23%);

- food (43,6%).

Monitoring of the current situation with the indication of the centers of potential socio-political disputes and the analysis of the factors, able to cause the conflicts.

Now the special attention is paid on definition of new opportunities of the structures operating in the sphere of internal policy, especially in connection with development of information technologies, and also to strengthening of ideological functions of state agencies.

In this row:

researches of public opinion on problems of internal policy and intensity degree in society which are directed on the prevention of contradictions in society and the forecast of various situations are constantly conducted;

control and regulation of the processes happening in the region, is conducted, generally by means of the Internet;

in state agencies, and also among their management work in respect of ideology is strengthened.

Together with it, for continuous control of a political situation in the region, is leaning toward new opportunities existing structures. For these purposes, was a reorganization of the analysis, monitoring and work with religious organizations department, this department reorganized to department of analysis, monitoring and work with Internet resources.

For the purpose of monitoring of a political situation, studying and timely identification of the problems actual for inhabitants of oblast, in 2011, at the municipal enterprise "Syr Media"  information – analytical center was open. The center conducts work on monitoring and  analysis of the public processes proceeding in oblast, Internet spaces and mass media.

Today in the center 20 people are work, there are special supervisors in Kyzylorda city and regions. In 2012 for implementation of the project by means of the  Center "Organization of Monitoring of a Political Situation in the Region through Carrying Out System sociological research" it was allocated 11 697 thousand tenge, and within a year 33 opinion polls are carried out. This year to the Center it was allocated 14 671 thousand tenge, and the staff is increased on 8 people.

In 12 months 2013 51 opinion polls are carried out, as a result of which there was possible a carrying out timely and effective control of the general situation in the region and taking measures to arising actual problems.

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