Analysis of the main indicators of the activity of the regional blood center for I quarter of 2019
The blood service of Kyzylorda region is represented by a regional blood center of category IV.
Donors and donations
In total for the first quarter of 2019, 2575 people applied for blood and its components (2018 - IQ - 3117 people), which decreased by 542 people (17.3%) compared to the previous year.
Of these, 823 people were assigned at the pre-donation stage, which amounted to 32.0% (2018 Q1 - 823 people, which amounted to 26.4%).
For the I quarter of 2019, the number of donors of the regional blood center amounted to 1625, which is 18.2% less than last year (2018 Q1 - 1987 donors).
The share of primary donors of the total amount for the reporting period amounted to 369 - 22.7% (2018.Iq– 668 - 33.6%).
The total number of donations of blood and its components for I quarter of 2019 decreased by 23.6% (542 less donations) and amounted to 1752 (2018 Q1 - 2294).
In the structure of donations: in comparison with the first quarter of 2018, the share of blood donations decreased by 24.8% and amounted to 90.4% (1583 donations), the share of plasma donations decreased by 40.3% and amounted to 1.8% (31 donations), the proportion of cell donations at the same level was 7.9% (138 donations), the proportion of instrumental plasmapheresis of the total number of plasmapheresis procedures was 100%.
The indicators - “specific gravity of donated donations”, “specific gravity of paid donations”, “number of donations in on-site conditions” for the reporting period amounted to 100.0%, 0% and 0%, respectively, for the first quarter of 2018, these indicators are 99.7% , 0.3% and 17.3%.
In the structure of all donations, the share of voluntary donations for the first quarter of 2019 amounted to 77.0% (2018 I quarter - 70.6%), the share of related donations amounted to 23.0% (2018 I quarter - 29.4%).
The average number of donations per thousand population for the first quarter of 2019 was 2.2., For the first quarter of 2018 2.9.
Preparation of blood and its components
Blood procurement in the regional blood center is carried out in stationary and on-site conditions.
During the reporting period, 1241.7 liters of canned blood were procured, compared with the previous year it decreased by 19.3% (2018 Q1 - 1539.1 liters).
Ensuring immunological and infectious safety.
To increase the immunological and infectious safety of blood products, additional processing methods are used - plasma quarantine, inactivation of pathogens in plasma and platelet concentrate, leukofiltration of blood and its components.
The proportion of leukofiltered red blood cells on average for the reporting period corresponds to the level for the first quarter of 2019 and is 100%.
The proportion of leukofiltered platelets was 100%. (I quarter of 2018. - 100%). At the same time, the proportion of platelets that underwent virus inactivation of pathogens and leukofiltration was 100% (2018 Q1 - 100%).
The fraction of plasma that underwent the virus activation procedure for the first quarter of 2019 amounted to 4.7% (2018 Q1 - 7.4%).
Screening for markers of vector-borne infections.
For I quarter of 2019, the indicator of using the two-stage method for the diagnosis of transmissible infection markers (a combination of the immunological method for determining antibodies + antigens of infectious agents and the molecular genetic method for detecting viral RNA / DNA) was 100% (2018 Q1 - 100%).
The percentage of screening by ELISA / IHLA on closed-type automatic analyzers for the reporting period amounted to 100% (2018 Q1 - 100%).
In the regional blood center IFA (IHLA), the diagnosis fully complies with the requirements of the current regulatory legislation and is carried out on closed-circuit automatic systems.
The share of donations, from which the prepared blood and its components were found to be unsuitable for transfusion and processing for drugs for the reporting period amounted to 0.5% (2018 Q1 - 1.6%).
Providing medical organizations with safe blood components.
The number of erythrocontaining components issued to medical organizations (hereinafter referred to as MO) for the first quarter of 2019 decreased by 20.1% (1563 doses versus 1956 doses for the first quarter of 2018), freshly frozen plasma decreased by 44.1% (876 doses compared to 1567 doses for the first quarter of 2018), platelet count decreased by 7.0% (254 doses versus 273 doses in the first quarter of 2018).
For I quarter of 2019, the proportion of blood components issued to the MO that underwent additional processing to ensure infectious and immunological safety, on average in the center of the blood, was:
- 100% SZP quarantined and virus-inactivated (Q1.2018 - 100%), including SZP quarantined 68.5%, (IQ.2018 - 92.6%). and SZP of virus-inactivated 31.5% (Quarter 2017 - 7.4%);
- 100% leukofiltered red blood cells (Iq.2018 - 100%);
- 100% platelets of leukofiltered virus-inactivated (I quarter. 2018 - 100%).
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