Attention for entrepreneurs of Kyzylorda region!
A tender is announced for granting state grants for the creation of own business.
The organizer of the competition: State Institution "Management of Entrepreneurship and Tourism of Kyzylorda region"
Location: Kyzylorda region, Kyzylorda, Aiteke bi 28, Office No.301; e-mail:; phone number:8 (7242) 40-10-59.
The subject of the competition: State grants are granted to small business entities, including young entrepreneurs, beginners, as well as women, disabled people and persons over 50 years of age on a gratuitous and irretrievable basis for the implementation of new business ideas in priority sectors of the economy within the framework of the Business Road Map 2020 program.
Competition form: open competition
Conditions for participation in the competition: the subjects of private entrepreneurship, newly registered, whose state registration as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity is at the time of applying for state support for less than three years, can participate in the competition.
Place of application for participation in the contest: Kyzylorda region, Kyzylorda, Aiteke bi 28, Office No.301; e-mail:; phone number:  8 (7242) 40-10-59.
The procedure for providing of tender documentation: for participation in the contest, applicants submit to the specified address in person, by mail or through their authorized representative an application on the approved form and a full package of competitive documentation.
Investment of own funds: at least 10% of the volume of the grant.
Obligatory passage by Entrepreneurs (an individual entrepreneur or founder (founders) of a legal entity) of short-term training on express courses for beginning entrepreneurs "Business Advisor".
Grants are given to beginning subjects of private entrepreneurship for realization of new business ideas, differing originality and novelty, for the following purposes:
1) acquisition of fixed assets and materials
2) acquisition of intangible assets;
3) acquisition of technology;
4) acquisition of rights to a franchise;
5) costs associated with research, implementation of new technologies.
The list of documents required for the provision of public services when a service recipient (or his representative by proxy) addresses the service provider:
1) application for participation in the competitive selection of grants;
2) a copy of the certificate of state registration of a legal entity, (individual entrepreneur);
3) a statement on the status of settlements with the budget for taxes, fees and contributions;
4) a certificate of the average number of employees at the time of application, certified by the signature of the head and the seal of the applicant;
5) business project;
6) a copy of the document confirming the Entrepreneur's passage of training under the Program and the Employment Program 2020;
7) a copy of the Charter for legal entities (if any);
8) a copy of the license for the type of activity (if necessary);
9) power of attorney for the right to submit an application on behalf of the Entrepreneur, a copy of the passport of the attorney (on behalf of a legal entity, certified by a legal entity).
Terms of submission of tender documentation: from "23" February 2017 till "9" March 2017, on working days from 9:00 til 13:00, from 15:00 till 19:00 (local time).
Deadline of application submission: 23 February 2017, from 9-00 (local time).
Deadline for submitting applications: 9 March, 2017 till 19-00 hours (local time).
Applications received after the expiration of the specified period are not eligible for admission.
The announcement and competitive documentation is available on the site


Attention for entrepreneurs of Kyzylorda region!

Competition on granting the state grants for creation of own business is appears.

Organizer of competition: PI "Management of Business and Industry of Kyzylorda region"

Location: Kyzylorda region, Kyzylorda city, Abay 27 str, room 113; e-mail address:; contact phone 8 (7242) 234937.

Competition subject: granting to beginning subjects of private business of the state grants (on creation of own business) on a gratuitous and irrevocable basis within the "Road Map of Business 2020" Program.

Competition form: open competition

Main conditions on granting grants:

Investment of own means: not less than 20% from the volume of a provided grant.

Registration term as the legal entity or the individual entrepreneur no more than one calendar year at the time of application.

Obligatory passing by Businessmen (the individual entrepreneur or the founder (founders) of the legal entity) short-term training on express courses for beginning businessmen "The business adviser".

Grants are provided to beginning subjects of private business on a gratuitous and irrevocable basis for realization of the new business ideas, differing by originality and novelty, on the following purposes:

acquisition of fixed assets and materials;

acquisition of intangible assets;

technology acquisition;

acquisition of the rights to the franchize;

the expenses connected with research works, introduction of new technologies.

Terms of providing competitive documentation: from June "5", 2013 to June "25", 2013 in the working days from 10-00 to 17-00 o'clock (time local).

Date and time of the beginning of submission of demands: 05.06.2013 from 10-00 o'clock (time local).

Date and time of the end of submission of demands: 25.06.2013 till 13-00 o'clock (time local).

Preliminary applications are accepted.

It is possible to study the announcement and competitive documentation on a site




The region akimat, invites all businessmen and potential investors to cooperate.

If you have the projects directed on development of economy of region and improvement of a life of Kyzylorda people, akimat is ready to render all possible help in assistance of realization of projects by leading of an infrastructure and elimination of administrative barriers at reception of allowing documents in project realization.

For the detailed information you should address in management of business and the industry of Kyzylorda region: the Kyzylorda city, Zhakhayev Street, 80, tel: 8(7242) 23-00-95, 23-01-88, 23-01-36


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