As part of the State Program "Digital Kazakhstan" (approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 12, 2017 No. 827) and the Concept of "Smart city" in 2018, Kyzylorda region has been selected as a pilot region in the direction of "Smart Management".
In 2018, 29 projects were implemented for the amount of KZT 3.5 billion in the following areas:
Completed projects:
In the field of education - 7 projects (Electronic diary "Күнделік, -Automated system "Electronic kindergarten", Online lessons for children with disabilities, Laboratory of robotics, "3D laboratory "for the schoolchildren’s palace, Resource and method center "IT iMAQORDA", 100% provision of computer equipment and the Internet, including cities and districts);
In the health care field - 5 projects (Teletrauma GPS-monitoring of ambulance vehicles, Mobile Nursing app and Care for young children, Telemedicine, Medical information systems, Electronic recording and Electronic queue, medical facilities equipped with computer equipment and the Internet);
In the field of security - 3 projects (E-criminal case, Unified Register of Administrative Proceedings (ERAP), Unified Duty Dispatcher Service 112);
In the sphere of housing and communal services - 2 projects (Safe House, Unified Payment Document of Utilities);
In the field of agriculture - 3 projects (Mobile application "MOBI-VET", Agrobirzha, Introduction of digital technologies in the livestock industry);
In the field of urban governance - 6 projects (Common Situational Analytical Center, Creating an IT park in Kyzylorda, Mobile Library in Kyzylorda, Creating an interactive map of historical and cultural heritage sites of the Kyzylorda region in 3D format, Setting QR codes for 150 historical and culture monuments of Kyzylorda region, the introduction of an electronic platform of control, monitoring and consulting in the field of construction);
In the business sphere - 3 projects (Geoinformation service, Introduction of intelligent online business assistant "KASIPKER-ONLINE", Automated service for the provision of land services). In particular, in order to exclude corruption components in the provision of educational state services, the project "Automated system" Electronic kindergarten100% coverage of children's preschool education in the region . As a result of the implementation of the electronic kindergarten information system, since June 2018, preschool organizations have saved money and returned to the budget.
As part of the provision of public security monitoring systems, the Unified Duty Dispatcher Service 112 project was implemented. All services in Kyzylorda are connected to a single dispatch service. To date, calls are accepted at number 112. In 2019, the implementation of the system in regional centers is calculated.
Within the framework of ensuring the digitalization of health care, the following project was implemented to improve the quality and accessibility of medical care: Medical information systems. With the implementation of this project in the region, the coverage of the MIS was 100%, the average number of patient visits was reduced from 9 to 6, the number of completed regional health passports was 734028, which is 95.5% of the total attached population (768835 people). Today 114 forms (121 forms) have been transferred to electronic format. With the full transition of medical institutions to electronic format, the time of the patient and the medical staff will be saved by 50% and the time required for obtaining the analysis results will be halved.
In order to improve the transport infrastructure, 77 state bodies of the region implemented a project on carrying out a fiber-optic communication line under the PPP mechanism. The project allows to satisfy the demand for telecommunications services through the construction of fiber optic lines and provide high-speed and secure Internet services to state bodies of the regional and district centers.
52 projects are planned for transitioning and ongoing projects for 2019, 13 of which will be implemented as part of the IT Park's activities.
According to financial sources, it is tentatively planned on budget investments - 24 projects, on the PPP mechanism - 9 projects, at the expense of the private investor - 5 projects and not required finance - 1 project.
In the field of transport 3 projects are planned.
In particular, in order to increase the attractiveness of public transport, unify the process of receiving payment, dispatching and monitoring passenger traffic, the project “Installing an Electronic Ticket System for Public Transport in Kyzylorda” within the framework of a PPP without state participation will be implemented. The expected effect of the project is an increase in annual revenues of transport organizations.
In the field of agriculture, the completion of 2 projects is planned:
Positive results are expected when introducing elements of precision farming jointly at the Z. Zhiyenbaev Plant Protection and Quarantine Plant in the Akmaya farm of the Shieli district.
In addition, at the expense of the investor’s own funds, work is being completed on the implementation of the project “Construction of an industrial greenhouse for growing tomatoes in the amount of 900 tons” in Aksuat village in Kyzylorda.
The issues of optimal project implementation are being worked out:
- housing and communal services spheres 2 projects, of which 1 is a project on the PPP mechanism (Smart Quarter, To modernize the street lighting of Kyzylorda city, with the replacement of lamps with LED lights with an intelligent control system, the project “Modernization of the street lighting of Kyzylorda city”
- security areas 2 projects through PPP (Installation of automatic systems for fixing traffic violations, Expansion of video surveillance system of the control center).
According to the tasks of digitalization of education, the introduction of 12 electronic services of secondary and technical-vocational education is planned. Such as composite electronic services for admission to schools, the provision of preferential meals, the issuance of referrals to camps and the transportation of children.
In the further prevention of corruption risks, it is planned to carry out a project for hiring personnel in various fields. The project is piloted in Kyzylorda in the field of education. It allows you to create fair competition in the selection of teachers through an electronic application for vacancies from the electronic registry of educational vacancies.
To date, work is underway to teach front-end development in the field of web programming. The project is designed for 6 months. A total of 72 hours of online classes and 24 “meet-up” are planned - live reports of experts, representatives of developed IT companies from Kazakhstan and Russia, such as, tinkoff,, and, Kazdreemtechnologies, Сhocofamily. One of the components of the project is training in basic business skills. The age structure of the project is from 14 to 35 years. The project covers children of a children's village, busy, self-employed and unemployed youth of the regional center.
Work is underway to organize work to improve the quality, productivity and interactivity of city services, reducing costs and resource consumption and improves contact between citizens and akimat through the project "Smart Kyzylorda".

Video on the implementation of "Smart City" projects
1. 112 Unified duty dispatch service
7. Digitization of the transport industry


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