INFORMATION on the implementation of the State Program for the Development and Functioning of Languages in the RK for 2011 - 2019 
for the first half of 2019
In accordance with the regional action plan for 2017-2019 for the implementation of the State program for the development and functioning of languages in the RK for 2011-2019, KZT 66 million were allocated from the regional budget for the implementation of the state language policy in 2019.
In the region, there is a municipal public institution “Center for the Teaching of Languages of the Kyzylorda region”, where, along with government employees, the state, Russian and English languages are taught by employees of enterprises, organizations, as well as individuals.
Since the beginning of the year, 1135 people have completed language training courses, of which 405 are in the state, 315 in Russian, 415 in English.
On April 24-26 together with the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, KAZTEST (determining the level of proficiency in the state language) was organized among public servants and public sector employees, 300 people participated in diagnostic testing.
According to the results of monitoring for the first quarter, the share of outgoing documentation in the state language for local executive bodies amounted to 99.4%, for the territorial divisions of central authorities - 98.4%.
In line with the popularization of trilingual politics, the project “Propaganda of trilingualism” is being implemented, a regional information and propaganda group is operating within the framework of the project, regional seminars are being held in the city and districts on the topic “Tilderdi mengeru-zaman talaby”, also with the aim of spiritual enrichment of the younger generation, propaganda of works local poets and writers held a creative meeting of students with famous poets and writers entitled "Til - halyk zhanyn tanudyn kilti". In order to increase the interest of young people in Russian literature studying in the Kazakh language, to identify and support talented young people, a regional competition of masters of artistic reading was held. In order to identify and stimulate young people who speak three languages, a regional competition “Ush tildi bilu - zaman talaby” was held, in order to get acquainted with the work, discuss the main issues of translation and the transition of the Kazakh alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin script, a seminar was held on the topic “Problems translation business. "
In the framework of the "Implementation of the language policy in the region", in order to expand the use of the state language, improve the culture of the language, promote fiction and identify young talents, a regional competition of masters of literary reading named after Abay was held. In order to develop the linguistic culture of youth, propaganda of national traditions and art, the regional competition of zhyrshy-termeshi "Tekti sozdin toresi-terme" In order to promote the state language policy in the media, to increase the Kazakh-language content and expand the scope of the use of the state language, a regional contest "State Language and Media" was held.
Also, on the air of the regional channel “Qyzylorda”, “Marzhan soz” is conducted, aimed at instilling a love of young people for the state language and the TV show “Tiltanym” aimed at clarifying and familiarizing the spelling rules of the new Kazakh alphabet.
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