1. The entrepreneur, when applying through the "electronic government" web portal, provides the financial agency with the following documents in electronic form:
1) application in the form of an electronic request certified by an entrepreneur's EDS;
2) consent to provide information to the credit bureau and receive a credit report;
3) consent to the collection and processing of his personal data;
4) electronic copy (scanned copy) of the bank's letter with a positive decision on the possibility of lending with the calculation of the guarantee amount.
In case the entrepreneur is a legal entity registered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, - the decision of the authorized body of the entrepreneur who took the decision to call for a guarantee is confirmed in the format of an agreement by an electronic digital signature of a legal entity issued by a participant or manager.
Information on the subject of private entrepreneurship, including a certificate of state registration of a legal entity / individual entrepreneur, a license for a type of activity (if the activity is licensed) and information on the lack / availability of indebtedness for compulsory payments to the budget, the financial agency receives from the relevant state information systems through the gateway of "electronic government".
In cases of technical impossibility of obtaining data from the relevant state information systems through the gateway of "electronic government" or data unreliability, the financial agency requests documents from the entrepreneur.
2. If the bank fails to provide the financial agency with the package of documents specified in Clause 47 of these Rules, within 5 (five) business days from the receipt of the electronic application via the e-government web portal, the financial agency refuses the entrepreneur to consider the issue guarantee.
3. The result of the provision of a public service is sent to the entrepreneur in the "personal cabinet" in the form of an electronic document certified by an electronic digital signature.
4. The interaction of the Program participants for providing a guarantee is carried out in accordance with the procedure defined in the section
5 of these Rules. 
Dear entrepreneurs !!!
Kyzylorda branch of JSC "Entrepreneurship Development Fund" DAMU "invites you to the" Entrepreneurs Service Center "where you can get a full range of services from experienced professionals in the field of business consulting and consulting on state support tools in the" one stop "mode.
Consultations in the ESC are provided free of charge. 
The following services are provided at the Service Center of Entrepreneurs:
• Individual consultations on obtaining state support under the Unified Business Support and Development Program "Business Roadmap 2020" and other programs of the Damu Fund.
• Step-by-step instruction on the process of financing entrepreneurs' projects with a list of required documents.
• Detailed advice and step-by-step instructions for obtaining grants, guarantees and government grants under the Unified Business Support and Business Development Program "Business Roadmap 2020".
• Support of the ESC consultants in the process of obtaining state support under the Unified Business Support and Development Program "Business Road Map 2020".
• Consultations on attraction of credit resources from representatives of banks.
• Consultations on programs and instruments of state support from other financial institutions.
• Providing documents and references from the portal "EGOV.KZ".
• Consultations on the "Employment -2020" program.
• Consultations on problematic business issues, assistance in obtaining permits.
• Consulting on accounting and tax accounting, and compilation of statistical reports.
• Consultations on legal services and business introduction.
• Consultations in the field of marketing and business planning.
• Recording for the programs "Top management training in Nazarbayev University" and "Business Communications".
• Obtaining a certificate of training completion.
Our address: Kyzylorda, Zhurba Street, 12. Contact phone numbers: 8 (7242) 55 11 18, 55-11-19 or call-center number: 1408

Banks-partners under the Program:


Address: Kyzylorda city, Korkyt Ata St., w/n

Телефон: +7 (7242) 58-96-96

Address: Kyzylorda city,Tokmaganbetov St., No.46. 

Phone: +7 (7242) 27-24-99, 27-84-26

Address: Kyzylorda city, K.Baiseitova St., w/n 

Phone: +7 (7242) 585-121 


Address: Kyzylorda city,Kazantayev St., w/n. 

Phone: +7 (7242) 55 00 01 


Address: Kyzylorda city, Abay Avenue, w/n  

Phone: +7 (7242) 23 11 80 


Address: Kyzylorda city, Zheltoksan St., w/n. 

Phone: +7 (7242) 60 51 65 


Address: Kyzylorda city, Abay Avenue, w/n.  

Phone: +7 (7242) 20 10 04 


Address: Kyzylorda city, Userbayev St., w/n. 

Phone: +7 (7242) 27 55 55 


Address: Kyzylorda city, Korkyt Ata St., w/n. 

Phone: +7 (7242) 55 04 00 



Consultations can be received by phone + 7 7242 55 11 18 or by calling the Сall-center of the Damu Fund by phone: 1408 (for Kazakhstan the call is free)



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