on the work of the Management of Culture, Archives and Documentation of Kyzylorda region
for 6 months of 2019
There are 410 state cultural organizations and archives in the region, including 171 culture houses and clubs, 209 libraries, 14 museums, the N. Bekezhanov Regional Kazakh Musical and Drama Theater, the regional philharmonic society, the Regional Center for the Development of Folk Art, the State Institution for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments, 1 City Culture and Recreation Park.
For the activities of the sphere of culture and archives from the regional budget for the first half of 2019, KZT 1,273,369.2 thousand were allocated, implementation amounted to 100 percent.
To strengthen the material and technical base of the regional institution and cultural enterprises for the allocated KZT 77,190.0 thousand, a multifunctional color printer, a laminator for the regional historical museum of local lore, and a regional staircase for people with disabilities were purchased.
In order to strengthen the material and technical base of houses of culture and clubs for allocated from the local budget KZT 27 727.8 thousand 
In Kyzylorda city, Kazaly, Zhalagash and Syrdarya districts sound amplification equipment, national and stage costumes were purchased.
In regional houses of culture and club institutions, 4289 cultural events were held, covering
800 010 viewers.
10391 people are involved in 839 amateur art groups.
During the reporting period, 3 international, 2 republican, 16 regional contests and festivals were organized as part of the Year of Youth and the program article “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe”.
Such as the republican aitys akyns “Zhastar zhyrlaidy” dedicated to the Year of Youth and the 375th anniversary of Aiteke Bi, according to the decision of the Grand Prix jury awarded Nurmat Mansurov.
On March 1 of this year, within the framework of the implementation of the “The Seven Faces of the Great Steppe” program article, a scientific and theoretical conference “Syr onirinin turki halyktarynyn tarihy men madenietindegi alar orny” was organized. The conference was attended by famous art scholars from Germany, Russia, Turkey, as well as Kazakhstan.
Within the framework of the Year of Youth and “Rukhani zhangyru” program article, the international ballroom dance tournament “Eurasia Kubogi - 2019”, the international festival “Parasatty poezya”, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the poetess, national writer of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan Fariza Ongarsynova and poet and translator, literary critic Zharaskhan Abdrashev were organized.
Libraries in the region served to 154453 readers, the number of visits was 1 053 907. The book stock of libraries in the region amounted to 4 451 610 copies, of which 2 390 206 were literature in the Kazakh language. In the region for the year received 17 333 copies of new literature, of which 15 276 in Kazakh books were received.
In order to provide information services to the rural population in the region, 60 rural model libraries function.
During the reporting period, 7 667 books (1 743 526 pages) were digitized.
Within the framework of the action "Bir el - bir kitap" the A. Tazhibaev regional universal scientific library offered readers the poetry of A. Tazhibaev and the novel by A. Kekilbaev, “Anyzdyn akyry”.
The evening of poetry “Zhuldyz shashkan zhyrlar” dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the poet, playwright, prose writer, scientist A. Tazhibaev and the online conference “Abdilda Tazhibayevtyn akyndyk alemi” together with the N.V. Gogol Karaganda universal scientific library were organized Fest-2019 ".
There are 138 727 exhibits in the collections of museums of the region. For 6 months, in the region 1637 exhibits were collected in museums, including the fund of the regional museum replenished by 555 exhibits.
During the reporting period, 6226 excursions, 374 lectures were held in museums, 329 exhibitions were organized. The number of visitors to the regional museums amounted to 142 341 people.
For 6 months, the museums of the region filled 2294 scientific passports, 1642 exhibits were introduced into the Museologist program.
During the reporting period, the regional stock museum “N. Nazarbayev: era, personality, society” organized the library of the First President of the RK, Elbasy, in order to develop school tourism, itinerary tours were organized to the sights of the city and the museum halls as part of the subprogram “Rukhani Kazyna” according to the project “Geography of the Holy Places of Kazakhstan”, tourist excursions are carried out under the project “SACRAL TUR”, in the art gallery for school and university students and the exhibition “Uly dala eninin tugyrly tarihy”, the international symposium of artists “Aga urpak oneri- zhastarga amanat” was organized.
Tasks for the III-IV quarter of 2019:
1. Within the framework of the Year of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan, to organize in the Republic of Uzbekistan a concert of the regional philharmonic society, a spectrum of the N. Bekezhanov Kazakh Music and Drama Theater and an exhibition of local artists;
2. Solemn event to the Constitution Day of the RK;
3. International folklore festival of arts of the Turkic-speaking countries “Korkyt zhane uly dala sazy” and a scientific and theoretical conference;
4. Festival of arts of youth with disabilities "Zhurek zhyluy";
5. Scientific and methodological council for the protection and use of historical and cultural heritage of Kyzylorda region;
6. Solemn event to the Day of the First President of the RK;
7. Solemn event to the Independence Day of the RK.
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