New opportunities of the sphere of business following the message of the Head of the state 
On enlarged meeting of Political council of party "Nur Otan", the Head of state sounded his message to the people of Kazakhstan "Нұрлы жол – болашаққа бастар жол ".
One of the main directions of the sounded subjects in the message was Development of small and average business.
The head of state, especially noted that development of small and average business is the main instrument of industrial and social updating of Kazakhstan in 21 century.
It is noted that all normative legal acts interfering business development will be excluded further, small business will turn into family tradition passing from father to son.
As the President told, it is necessary to speed up work on support of small and medium business and business activity. Also, he noted that 100 billion tenge are necessary for preferential financing of small and medium business and large business in addition. It was noted about need of implementation of projects of food and chemical industry of branch of mechanical engineering and rendering services.
The decision on allocation of additional 100 billion tenge from National fund for development of small and medium business is excellent opportunity for increase in a share of small and average business in gross domestic product. It will give the chance not only for opening of new productions, but also it is opportunity for opening of new workplaces in the region.
From 100 billion tenge allocated earlier in 2014 to businessmen of Kyzylorda oblast the credits for the sum more than 466 million tenge was provided. 12 subjects of business which are carrying out the activity in manufacturing industry having used opportunities of the program proceeds of credit had.
In the Message of the Head of state to the people of Kazakhstan Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" "A new political policy of the taken place state" in 2012 it was noted that domestic business is the leading force of the new economic direction and share of small and medium business in economy in 2030 has to be grown twice.
For achievement above the specified indicators, we need to carry out works among the population about the new opportunities following from the message of the Head of state. Also, businessmen have to begin their business and work for development of the business, effectively use new opportunities.
In this regard, the program “Road Map of Business — 2020” is considered as the main program of paramount importance which showed the benefit.
The program is aimed at providing reasonable and balanced growth of business in not raw sectors of economy, and also directed on preservation of constants and creation of new workplaces.
Within the program “Road Map of Business — 2020” there is  a program “Start-up” for the first-time entrepreneur.
Efficiency of the program is sharing at once of 3 components.
This, partial guaranteeing the credit, subsidizing of interest rates for the credit and obtaining the certificate on the project the young businessman.
Advantage of this program - the businessman beginning the matter in age till 29 years can be engaged in any kind of business activity, despite the priority directions of types of economic activity and use the above components of the program when receiving the credits of banks of the second level.
The message of the Head of state is aimed at the development of transport logistics and power branches, development of industrial and social infrastructures, and at development of small and medium business. In Messages the Head of state noted need of ensuring construction of the new industrial zones aimed at the development of production in small and medium business and attraction additional investments into regions. It was noted that tourism infrastructure is the individual direction. Its main priority is possibility of creation of bigger quantity of workplaces. Creation of one workplace in branch of tourism manages 10 times cheaper than creation of a new workplace in the industry.

Development of small and medium business – the main instrument of industrial and social modernization of Kazakhstan in the XXI century …
Small and medium business is a strong economic basis of our Society of General Work …
Small business has to become the family tradition transferred from generation to generation.
From the Message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan (2014)
Development of small business plays huge role in stable economic development of the state.
The head of state in his Messages to the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan constantly emphasizes importance of support of businessmen and defines the main directions for the Government, promoting improvement of business climate. 
In Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" the Head of state N. A. Nazarbayev noted: "Domestic business is a driving force of a new economic course. The share of small and medium business in economy has to grow by 2030 at least twice. First, we have to create conditions that the person could try business, to become the full-fledged participant of the economic transformations which are carried out in the country, but not to wait that the state will solve all problems. It is important to raise the general level of business culture and to stimulate an enterprise initiative".
The state constantly holds events for improvement of legislative base. Measures for involvement of large investors and development of small and medium business are developed and take root. Business opening procedure is significantly facilitated. Procedures of charge and payment of taxes, customs assignments and other obligatory payments are simplified. Various programs, which purposes - the solution of long-term problems and modernization on branches are developed.
The reforms which are carried out by our Government and directed on improvement of business climate in Kazakhstan don't remain unnoticed and get the met approval among the world expert organizations. So, Kazakhstan within five years takes rather high positions in a rating of the World Bank "Ease of Business". Indicators are: complexity of creation of the enterprises, obtaining construction licenses, connection to system of power supply, registration of property, taxation,etc. On the basis of the obtained data certain score is assigned to each country. Following the results of 2013 Kazakhstan took the 50th place from 189 countries, advancing Hungary (the 54th place), Bulgaria (the 58th place), Turkey (the 69th place), Russia (the 92nd place), Belarus (the 63rd place), and Kyrgyzstan (the 68th place).
The state support of businessmen in Kyzylorda oblast is carried out through SI "Management of Business and Tourism of Kyzylorda oblast", acting on the basis of Position of the akimat of Kyzylorda oblast approved by the resolution of July 1, 2013 No. 176. 
In case of violation of the rights, representatives of business can address to akimat through the Protection of Business service or directly to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
In Kazakhstan for effective realization of state programs of support of small and average business the Fund of development of business "Damu" was created in 1997, and also regional branches of Fund are working now. 
For the purpose of formation of favorable conditions for development of business on the basis of effective partnership of business and the power, the joint decision of the Government of RK and "Union Atameken" created on September 9, 2013 the non-profit, self-governed organization uniting all businessmen of the country, National chamber of businessmen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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