On the work done and the tasks of the
Management of State Architectural and Construction Control of Kyzylorda region for 9 months of 2019
The Management of State Architectural and Construction Control of  Kyzylorda region in order to implement the main functional responsibilities assigned to it for 9 months of 2019, carried out a number of productive works.
In 2019, the construction of 238 objects was planned in the region. Of these, 86 (36.1%) are located in Kyzylorda city, 152 (63.9%) of the districts.
This year 21 social facilities are under construction in the region. Of these, 6 are rolling over since 2018 (1 hospital, 1 school, 1 kindergarten, 1 tennis center, 1 railway dead end, 1 training ground), the construction of the remaining 15 facilities began in 2019 (2 hospitals, 1 school, 2 extensions to the school, 1 kindergarten, 2 Culture House, 1 Schoolchildren House, 1 camp, 1 club, 2 administrative buildings, 2 medical dispensaries).
According to the plan, out of 21 social facilities, 2 facilities were commissioned in 9 months of the current year (1 club, 1 kindergarten),
10 objects will be commissioned before the end of this year (1 hospital, 1 kindergarten, 2 schools, 1 tennis center, 1 extension to the school, 1 Culture House, 1 Administrative building, 2 medical outpatient clinics), the rest
9 objects will be commissioned in 2020 (1 training ground, 1 camp, 1 railway dead end, 1 extension to the school, 1 House of Culture, 1 House of schoolchildren, 2 hospitals, 1 Administration building).
Over the 9 months of this year, the department received 274 notifications of the start of construction and installation work on facilities being built at the expense of the state budget and private investment. Of these, 102 (67 new) - at the expense of budget funds, 172 - at the expense of own funds.
The facilities strengthened control over the quality of construction work, according to the results of inspections in order to monitor the implementation of orders issued to construction companies, as well as on requests from individuals and legal entities, a total of 179 unscheduled inspections were organized, 51 orders were issued to eliminate the identified defects and deficiencies. Of these, 35 are provided with execution, 16 are identification work.
In the first half of this year, the plan included 16 inspected business entities of a preventive nature with visits to construction sites, 11 of which were covered by inspections, 7 instructions were issued for violations identified. The remaining 5 entities are not verified due to the commissioning of construction projects.
In addition, for the second half of the year, according to the list approved by the order of the region akim No. 1020 of 05/15/2019, preventive checks were carried out with visits to 35 subjects of control from 68 objects, to eliminate the revealed violations, out of 27 instructions, 8 were checked.
The remaining 33 objects are checked in accordance with the plan before the end of the year.
According to the results of inspections conducted in the reporting period, 105 administrative cases were instituted against persons who violated the requirements of the legislation in the field of architectural and construction activities, fines were imposed on the guilty persons in the amount of 16 million 822 thousand KZT 824.
Of the administrative fines imposed, KZT 11 million 795 thousand 549 or 70.1% were actually collected in the budget, documents were sent to the bodies for the execution of judicial acts for the enforcement of a fine of KZT 2 million 224 thousand 525. The remaining KZT 2 million 802 thousand 750 have a statutory period of 30 days for voluntary payment of a fine.
At the same time, the practice of strict recovery is carried out until the license for contracting organizations that violate the requirements of legislation in the field of construction is deprived.
In particular, last year, on the basis of judicial decisions on administrative cases initiated by the department, a license was deprived of 1 construction company (Bereke LLP), and 1 (Ardak Kurylys company LLP) - suspension of the license, for 9 months of the current year 2 (Prommedkontrakt LLP, Baimakhanov IE).
Also, with administrative fines imposed on 5 technical supervision experts who allowed poor-quality construction and installation work at facilities financed from the state budget, the expert certificate for the right to conduct technical supervision for a period of 6 months was suspended.
In order to increase the responsibility of technical supervision experts, under the chairmanship of the deputy region akim M. Delmukhanov from September 6 2019, a meeting was held with the participation of technical supervision experts in the region and customers - administrators of budget programs, at which the latter were responsible for the quality of construction and installation works with the corresponding carrying out of explanatory works.
All 5 types of public services provided by the Office in the past period were transferred to the E-Licensing portal, 421 services were provided to the population. Of these, 184 concerned certification for expert activity, 237 licensing.
Monthly full development of allocated budget funds is provided. In 2019, KZT 81 million 502 thousand 500 were allocated to finance the management. For the reporting period, the planned KZT 58 million 282 thousand is fully mastered and executed 100%.
Issues of improving the quality of personal reception of citizens, work with appeals of individuals and legal entities did not go unnoticed.
During the reporting period, 254 requests were received from individuals and legal entities, of the 254 examined 47 were granted, 195 were clarified, the rest, 12 are under consideration. No violations of the terms of consideration of applications have been registered.
In addition, 15 citizens and representatives of legal entities visited at a personal reception on various issues, they explained the requirements of the law.
The schedule of personal reception of citizens by the management of the department was published in the newspapers “Syr Boyi”, “Kyzylorda Vesti” on 02/09/2019 and on the social network “Facebook”, a board and a box for complaints were placed in a place accessible to the public.
In addition, some work was done to increase the level of professional qualifications and legal literacy of management employees. According to the approved quarterly plans for legal education in this area, legal classes were held 9 times.
Also, as a result of constant measures to combat corruption in 2017-2019, there were no facts of offenses of this nature on the part of employees.
Also, work has been launched to ensure transparency in the management activities and its accessibility to the population.
So, since the beginning of the year, 2 press conferences and briefings were held with the participation of media representatives, 1 article was published in the press.
In addition, in accordance with the order of the President of the RK K.K. Tokayev on May 24, 2019 at a meeting of the Council of Domestic Investors, on September 30 2019, a unified report of the regulatory authorities to the business community was organized, at which the head of the management M. Moldabaev made a report on the work done and answered questions from participants.
In addition, news occurring in the Management are regularly published on Facebook and on the official website of the Management, and through these Internet resources feedback has been established with the public.
For the reporting period, the incoming document management flow amounted to 4633, of which 4630 were completed, 3 control tasks are at the execution stage. At the same time, outgoing workflow amounted to 1811, of which 140 are internal workflow.


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