Dear fellow countrymen!

Let me congratulate you on the arrival of the new 2018!

The past year was rich in achievements in all spheres of life in the region. Our region is among the best in the development of the social sphere, the growth rate of the manufacturing industry and the agrarian sector, and the volume of housing construction.

The achievements of our region are the merit of each of you, who made their own contribution to the growth and development of the Aral Sea region, the implementation of the tasks set forth by the Leader of the Nation.

Dear Kyzylorda people!

Let me thank you for the worthy completion of the next year and wish new achievements to our region in the coming year.

May all the most cherished dreams come true in the New Year! I wish you success, health, happiness and well-being, peace and prosperity to an independent Kazakhstan!

Akim of Kyzylorda region K.Kusherbaev

Dear Kyzylorda people!
I cordially congratulate you on the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!
On August 30, 1995, almost 90 percent of the citizens who took part in the referendum voted for the adoption of the new Constitution. Thus, with a full-fledged foundation, we can say that all of us together are its authors.
As the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized, "there is no real citizen, a real person without a deep sense of love for the country and genuine patriotism." The years of growth and formation of our independent state were a period of search and achievement. We conquered many peaks, created a strong foundation for the further development of our state and society. Together they built a new sovereign state, which now enjoys authority on the world stage. And this is only the beginning of a long journey!
Kyzylorda region, along with other regions, makes a significant contribution to the development of independent Kazakhstan. This year our country has become a point of attraction of millions of tourists to the visitors of the international specialized exhibition "EXPO-2017: Future Energy", within which the Days of the Kyzylorda region were successfully held in Astana. The head of state, residents and guests of the capital got acquainted with the history and culture of our region, showing great interest in his long-standing traditions and current achievements.
Dear fellow countrymen!
Let me wish you peace and goodness, health and prosperity, new achievements and all the best!
akim of the region K.Kusherbayev

Dear Kyzylorda people!

I congratulate you on the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland and the Great Victory Day!
As the Head of State N.Nazarbayev noted, "we need to create a compact, effective, well-equipped army with a high level of training". In our country, much has been done to raise the level of national troops. The man is the defender of his people. We respect our heroes and believe that the younger generation will take an example from them and defend their Motherland honestly.
May 9, Victory Day is a great holiday, won by the price of the unfading feat. Our today's independence, peace and stability have become possible thanks to the courage of our ancestors - batyrs. The current generation follows the example of veterans. This landmark date will remain forever in the history of our people.
Dear veterans!
We are in unpaid debt to you and our grandfathers, their courage forever inscribed their names in the chronicle of the country. President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev noted that their names will remain forever in the memory of the people, and the state will always take care of veterans and workers of the rear.
On this great day, I wish you well-being, good health, happiness and prosperity to your families!
akim of Kyzylorda region K. Kusherbayev.

Dear Kyzylorda people!
I congratulate you on May 1 - Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan!
As the Head of the State Nursultan Nazarbayev noted, "today Kazakhstan is a prosperous state that has a unique image and a clear position, which puts the unity of its citizens at the forefront."
We are a country living under the aegis of a common goal, common interests and a single future.
Representatives of more than 130 nationalities and ethnoses live in our multinational republic. Our common home - the Republic of Kazakhstan  gathered all under one roof. For 25 years we live in peace and harmony.
Dear compatriots!
On the eve of the holiday of unity and harmony I sincerely wish you happiness, good health and success. Let our prosperity be forever, let friendship grow stronger day by day between representatives of various ethnic groups and confessions living in our country!
I wish you peace and prosperity, happiness and prosperity.
Congratulations, dear Kyzylorda people!
akim of Kyzylorda region K. Kusherbayev

Head of the region congratulated residents of the area on the coming Christmas holiday

Dear fellow countrymen!
I congratulate you on Christmas holiday in all sincerity!
The orthodox Christmas holiday plays an important role in preserving and strengthening of an interfaith consent and is the general holiday for all our compatriots.
The spiritual consent, interreligious mutual respect and tolerance are  results of the weighed policy of the President of our state, the Leader Nation Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev who repeatedly emphasized that the main property of Kazakhstan is unity and a consent of our multinational people. They create a basis of the Kazakhstan statehood and are the key to its stability. 
Heartily I wish to all orthodox citizens of our area Merry Christmas! Let this holiday will bring to your houses peace and harmony, patience and mutual understanding, good and family wellbeing!
                                                                                                                            Kind regards,
                                                                                                                            akim of the region  K. Kusherbayev

Akim of Kyzylorda region congratulated Kyzylorda citizens on new 2016 year. Press service of the region akim reports about it.
"New year is a joyful, favourite and long-awaited holiday of all people on the earth.
New year is time of summing up and an assessment of the past, definition of the directions for the future, creation of courageous plans for tomorrow.
The leaving 2015, despite consequences of world crisis, for the Syr earth was fruitful on achievements and rich in successful events.
First, we didn't allow mass reduction of workers at the enterprises, and, on the contrary we created more than 11 thousand new workplaces. 
Secondly, at intensive speed realization of a number of the large infrastructure projects directed eventually on increase of a standard of living of inhabitants of the Syr earth began.
Within the project of gasification of the oblast residents of Aral, Aiteke bi, Baikonur, Shiely and Zhanakorgan regions got natural gas.
The Kyzylorda city passed to use of clear drinking water from underground sources. Construction in the region develops rates unprecedented earlier. Volumes of construction grew in the oblast by 3,5 times, and in the oblast center - by 8 times! Thanks to it only in Kyzylorda more than 2,5 thousand families celebrate a New Year's holiday in new apartments.
Manufacturing industry grew by 4 times, increase in production in all branches of agriculture is observed, business, the social sphere develop, good results in education are reached. The special attention to questions of culture is paid.
And in it is a merit of each inhabitant of the region. I express all gratitude for a constructive labor and care of the native earth.
Against difficult international events - in this hard time we are obliged to keep the most important values - unity and unity. It is necessary to be patriots, to show mercy to the needy.
Dear inhabitants of Sub Aral region!
I wish you wellbeing, strong health, happiness and prosperity! Let the property of the Syr earth be increased greatly!”

Akim of the region Krymbek Kusherbayev's congratulation on Christmas

Dear compatriots! Heartily I congratulate you on a great Orthodox holiday - Merry Christmas! In our multinational country the Muslim holiday - Kurban-ayt, Christian Christmas, east New year and other national and religious holidays are celebrated. This proof of tolerance and strong friendship of many ethnoses living in independent Kazakhstan.
Celebration of Christmas is connected with humanity and kind acts. It is important for all our people which always put on a predominating place of tradition of mutual aid and mutual respect. On this sacred holiday I wish you peace and prosperity, good health and happiness. Let always mutual understanding and friendship of the people reign in our country.



Akim of the region Krymbek Kusherbayev's congratulation

Dear Kyzylorda people!

Today, watching the passing year, let me sincerely thank you for all that we have done together over the past year.

Thanks to support of the Head of state – the Leader of the nation 2013 was successful for us.

For this year we managed to do a great job, having enclosed a powerful contribution to the region future. Strategy of a social and economic development of the region till 2020, road maps of growth of key spheres of society's life is approved, development programs are realized.

From year to year Kyzylorda gets stronger, the economy of the region grows and new opportunities for her inhabitants open.

Only the unity, optimism and diligence will lead us to success. We have all for this purpose: great historical heritage, enormous resources, unity, diligence and staunch spirit of our people.

Very little time is left before the New Year of 2014. By tradition, for festive the dastarkhan will gather the most dearest people to each other. This holiday – the center of all of the most expensive in life of people: support of relatives, warmth of the hearth, sincere belief that everything will be good, that new year will be better old, that our children will be happy, seniors – are healthy and safe.

Let in new year all most cherished dreams will come true! Sincerely I wish you success, health, happiness and wellbeing in new 2014!


Happy New Year!


  I congratulate you on May 1 – Day of unity of the people of Kazakhstan! It is the holiday marking friendship and a consent of all inhabitants of our multinational republic where representatives more than 130 nationalities peacefully live and work. For years of independence our young state was created and achieved recognition on the world scene. Proofs to that is presidency in OSCE and the Organizations of Islamic conference, carrying out Asiada-2011 and the forthcoming organization in Astana of the World Exhibition "Expo-2017". At least important and that around the world perceive Kazakhstan as dynamically developing democratic state adhering to the principles of an interethnic and interfaith consent and pluralism. Adopting the best achievements of the modern civilization, our people, nevertheless, save the originality and cultural heritage. Is pleasant to realize that our respect for cultures of other people coexists with correctness to the sources. Head of state Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev steadily emphasizes that "unity of the people, stability and consent in society – our principal property which creates a basis of the Kazakhstan statehood.  And for us to save these values are important".  We can be proud of that managed to carry by through time this great property – an interethnic consent and tolerance.  While we together, for us aren't present impossible fulfillments and excessive tasks!  Dear Kyzylorda people!  I wish you good luck, a good health, successes in works and wellbeing in the house.  Let your dreams come true, let there will be peace a sky over us and let our state, our independent Kazakhstan blossom and get stronger! 

Yours faithfully, akim of  Kyzylorda region


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