In 2013 January-May months the volume of gross output of agriculture made 6,2 billion tenge, in comparison with last year the index of the actual volume made 94,9%.

In the current year for support of agriculture it is allocated from the republican budget of 5 billion 266 million tenge. In comparison 2012 more than 37,7%.

In the reporting period producers of oblast mastered 1160,3 million tenge of credit resources. Including through JSC "Fund of Financial Support of Agriculture" - 296,4 million tenge, JSC "Agrocredit Corporation" - 612,8 million tenge, JSC "Kazagrofinance" - 251,1 million tenge.

On plant growing

In the current year crops of crops are placed on the area of 159,9 thousand hectares.

From them, grain crops – 79,8 thousand hectares, fodder – 55,6 thousand hectares, potatoes, vegetables, melon – 22,6 thousand hectares, olive – 1,9 thousand hectares.

On comparisons with last year the areas of crops of the main culture of rice are reduced by 1,3 thousand hectares, crops of forage crops are increased by 5,0 thousand hectares.

All area of rice is seeded by standard seeds.

The requirement in mineral fertilizers was made 50,5 thousand tons, including, nitric fertilizer of 40,9 thousand tons, phosphoric – 9,6 thousand tons. Today farms acquired 31,6 thousand tons ammonium sulfate, 3138 tons of a carbamide, 3437 tons of ammophos, 386 tons of ammonium nitrate, 946 tons a phosphoritic flour, 339 tons of superphosphate and 135 tons of nitroammophos. Purchase of mineral fertilizers necessary for rice top dressing proceeds.

At spring and field works 250 seeders, 494 plows, 932 tractor trailers, 418 cars and 1812 tractor are participated.

In 2013 on oblast demands for 110 units of agricultural machinery is given, for the sum of 1 billion 100 thousand tenge. Now from them 38 pieces of equipment, for total amount of 306,9 million tenge are acquired.

Spring and field functioning was completely ensured by necessary volume is combustible lubricants.

As a result of sowing works 18,4 thousand hectares of a lucerne of the current year, 1361 hectares of a spring-sown field, 130 hectares of barley, 1657 hectares of a carthamus, 40 hectares of soy, 1000 hectares of corn on a silo, 100 hectares of a sorghum, 702 hectares of corn on grain, 7794 hectares of potatoes, 6357,5 hectares of vegetable and 8470,5 hectares of melon cultures, 100 hectares of fodder pumpkin, 716 hectares of millet were seeded.

On area rice on the area of 74,0 thousand hectares is seeded.

In 2013 by seed-growing farms of oblast 2157,5 tons of elite seeds, including 1265 tons of a grade Amber, 860 tons of Marzhan and 31,5 tons of a grade Leader are realized.

In the current year for development of agro-industrial complex works on formation of a fish and rice cluster are begun. The working groups are organized, the plan of measures on creation of consortia on development of rice branch is prepared. Association in turn providing with material needs will organize in due time placement during crops and harvesting.

Animal husbandry

As of June 1, 2013 the livestock of cattle makes 265,7 thousand heads, sheep and goats of 817,0 thousand heads, horses – 83,3 thousand heads, camels – 37,1 thousand heads, pigs – 3,9 thousand heads, a bird – 118,3 thousand heads.

In comparison with the similar period of last year the livestock of cattle increased for 1,1%, horses for 6,8%, camels on 3,0 and pigs of 5,6%. The livestock of sheep and goats decreased 14,5%. Thus production of meat was reduced by 8,5%, and production of milk for 8,9%.

Today on area 63 farms, with a breeding livestock of 4,0 thousand heads of cattle (specific weight from the general livestock of 1,7%), 54,6 thousand heads of sheep (specific weight – 12,7%), 4,0 thousand heads of horses (specific weight – 5,9%) and 3,4 thousand heads of camels (specific weight – 6,5%) function.


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